Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pardon the Interruption - But it's Just Zack

Tonight I am taking a break. I am a bit on the tired side as my day has been long and brutal. My desire to write is at a minimum tonight. I have been promising Zack that I would highlight some of his writing and art work on the blog - so that is exactly what I am going to do tonight.
The following essay was written by Zack as one of his book reports for the year. You can get an idea of how his writing skills are beginning to mature. The pictures I have place through his essay are pictures that he drew several years ago when he was in an after school art program called art parts. Anyway - enjoy the writing and art work of the Z-man!
The book report was written for a mystery book - of which I forget the title. It was supposed to be written in the format of a newpaper article.
Rick and Kenny Van Huler were investigating the strange disappearance of their mom. She disappeared shortly after other troubling events occurred. Rick commented on his mom’s disappearance. “I know trouble comes in three’s. First our Pa had a load of TV’s stolen from his truck. Then Pa and Ma had an argument and Pa left. Then it happened – Ma vanished!” Rick is currently in sixth grade here in our town. His brother Kenny is just a bit younger and attends the same school as Rick. When their mother vanished both Rick and Kenny went to live with their great-uncle Roger, who lives near Wonderland, our town’s abandoned amusement park. Seeking entertainment Rick and Kenny would frequently sneak into Wonderland. In Wonderland they had fun on the abandoned rides. Rick and Kenny could forget their troubles while they played.
Their playtime in Wonderland allowed Rick and Kenny to solve the problem of their mom’s disappearance. One day they noticed a car that matched the description of the car their mom was last seen near. They realized that their mom’s kidnappers were using Wonderland as a hide out! Rick and Kenny found themselves being chased by the kidnapper’s. A wild chase took place and the police were called and they caught the kidnappers!
Their mom had been kidnapped because she had incriminating evidence about the theft of the TV’s from their father’s truck. After their mom was rescued their father returned and life has returned to normal for Rick and Kenny.
Sorry for the brief post tonight - but I am just dragging. I am going to sit here on the couch with the fireplace burning and just relax and enjoy some TV until I fall asleep.
Thanks and peace to all!

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