Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Blogging Milestone

With this blog entry I have reached a blogging milestone. This is my 100th post to “A Dad and His Boy Living the Life”. I wrote my first entry to this blog on November 11, 2008 and in these past 5 months I have written on average a blog entry every other day. As I have cut down on the number of blog entries that I have made to Patty’s Caringbridge site, I have increased the number of entries on this site. For me it is hard to believe that I have been blogging now for almost two years if you count from when I started Patty’s Caringbridge site. At first my blogging was just about Patty and her battle to live. Now that Patty is no longer with us, my blogging has turned to many different subjects. The one central theme of my blogging is of course Zack. In the end run this is all about him. Not all of the subjects for my posts directly relate to him, but for the most part they are about him or inspired by him. I feel proud of what I have done with this site. I have put a large amount of effort into my writing and I have come to enjoy it immensely. My day does not seem complete unless I can sit down at some point and pen a new entry for the blog. I really appreciate all of you who have become dedicated readers. I enjoy all the comments and emails that I receive about my writing. And yes – I do know that sometimes what I write is controversial and I appreciate when it is pointed out to me, and I appreciate when I say something stupid and I am called on it. So thank you to each and every one of my readers. Without you this would not be anywhere near as fun or enjoyable! On a totally different note – it is April 16th isn’t it? It is supposed to be the middle of spring. Yet tonight, tomorrow and potentially Saturday will be the middle of winter for those of us living in Colorado. We are expecting a spring snow storm that could bring up to two feet of snow to the Denver metro area. As much as I love Colorado, this is one thing that I never like. I hate spring snow storms. I always think that once we go on daylight savings time, the time for snow is done. However, it seems that this is the time we get the most snow in Colorado. Though we really need the moisture I would love not to have the snow! In our day-to-day activities we have been dealing with a lot unfortunately. I haven’t mentioned it here before, but Zack has once again experience some major anxiety issues. Unlike his previous spin downs into anxiety land, I really can’t seem to put my finger on what is causing the issue. I have some ideas but,I just don’t know for sure. Yesterday – Wednesday was so bad that he had to come home from school. The good news with the situation is that for the first time he is actually able to articulate what is going on. In the past he would not even be able to say that he was experiencing anxiety. Instead he would just be scared out of his gourd. This time around he is able to explain much of what he is feeling and has even suggested some activities that will help him resolve the situation. I know that doesn’t seem like much progress, but it is huge. At this time last year he was not able to handle the kind of anxiety he is feeling – he simply would have “melted down”. Though he had to come home from school, he did not melt down and was able to control it to some degree. Another funny note from today is a “it was bound to happen” kind of event. For the last several months I have wanted to get my carpet cleaned. So a week ago I finally made an appointment to have Stanley Steemer come and do the work. I scheduled it for this morning. The Stanley Steemer guys came and did a great job cleaning the carpet. But this afternoon the rain began. And when it rains the dogs get mud on their feet. I did a good job getting their feet cleaned up as soon as they came in the house. However, when they went out for the last time tonight – you can imagine what happened. Yes – they got mud all over the clean carpet. All I can say is ARGHHHHHHH. It never fails to happen that whenever the carpets get cleaned one of dogs does something to get them dirty. Normally they end up puking on the carpet. Just getting mud on it is much better than the puke. So it could have been much worse. With that wonderful pleasant thought of dog pukage – I will leave you for the evening. Once again – thank you for reading and commenting and making my blog a success! Thanks and peace to all!

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