Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Onward ho - back to Las Vegas We Go

Well - this is going to be very short this morning as once again the internet connection here in the hotel stinks! We had a great day yesterday and spent the entire time in the park. It was a fantastic experience to hike down below the rim and actually get into the canyon. There was a fantastic windstorm blowing as you went down through right off the rim into the canyon. I captured some fantastic video of Zack when we were being blown around like tumble weeds in the wind. It was somewhat frightening as when this happened we were on a very exposed place with a several hundred foot precipice right next to us. We were being moved around by the wind and our faces and heads were being stung by the sand and pebbles that were being carried by the wind. I was very proud of Zack in terms of how he handled it. He is a trooper. I'll write much more on our trip into the canyon and post a lot of pictures and the video later when I have more time and a better Internet connection. We are heading back to Las Vegas this morning to begin our trip home. Zack was very disappointed to know that we are going to be staying in the Luxor this evening as opposed to the Venetian. Sometimes I have to be careful with the boy as he is getting too used the expensive hotels, flying first class, etc. (Back when Patty was alive and we would travel as family I would frequently fly Zack and Patty in business or first class. Of course I got those upgrades for free as I was a United 1K flyer back then. Regardless, Zack got very used to being at the front of the airplane and would always hassle me when we flew in the back. I can't let him get out of control on that kind of stuff!) Have a great day and I will post another update when we have more time and better bandwidth! Thanks and peace to all!

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