Thursday, May 14, 2009

What not to Blog About...

Today I gave serious consideration to writing a blog about work. But I thought about it and decided it probably was not the best idea. Why? Because I am sure that there are many people from my company who read this blog. Who knows people there might even be people above me in the corporate food chain who read this blog. After thinking about those kinds of things, I decided it was probably best to not write about my work. Yes - I will always say when things are good and I will certainly say that my employer is a very good place to work. But when I have a tough time at work I am not going to spell it out so very directly. I'll allude to it, but forget about the down and dirty details, that is not going to happen. There have been numerous occasions when people have been fired from their jobs because of what they have written on blogs or other websites. I recently even heard of situation where a woman in Switzerland was fired from her job because she said she had a very bad headache and could not work on her computer for the day. So she went home to recovery from her headache. While at home she got on her computer and made some updates to her Facebook page. Her employer found out about these updates and was not happy since she had gone home because she supposed couldn't work on her computer because of the headache. She ended up getting fired. So even Facebook can get you into trouble if you don't follow the rules. Tomorrow will be a big day around our house. Our day is going to start very early as I need to get Zack up and ready for school before I head to my endondist appointment at 7:45AM. I'll drop him off at Tim and Celinde's and then he can walk to school with Cole. I can't tell you how glad I am going to be to get my tooth fixed! Unfortunately in the last day the pain has increased and I have noticed my jawline and neck are swollen near that tooth. So there is a good possibility the abscess has started up again. I just want it fixed for good. Tomorrow is also a big day for Bailey - it's his 13th Bday! My doggie b-day cake arrived at the pet store today so I will make sure I have time to get it before dinner tomorrow. I do want the day to be special for Bailey. I don't think he will really notice it but... it will still be good to do for him. Well - off to bed for me. I hope everyone had a great day! Thanks and peace to all! - J.


Tina Sommers said...

Woof Woof

Lesley said...

I hope that your dental work goes well today and that it takes care of the issues with your tooth.

Happy Birthday to Bailey! May Bailey, you, Zack, Nancy, and Lex enjoy his birthday celebration.

With love,