Monday, May 18, 2009

Upchucking the Kool-Aid

A momentous event occurred in my life today. It was an event that I NEVER thought would happen. For years and years I have railed against this very day. But in the last several weeks and months it became unavoidable. Years ago this event would not have been as unthinkable as it is today. As a matter of fact it would have seemed very natural for me up until 1990. After 1990 slowly but surely it became one of the most unthinkable things ever. What is it that I am talking about? I have made a decision to buy a MAC! For years I have been one of the most bigoted Windows users that there was. I would have NOTHING to do with anything Apple-like. Then some changes began to occur that caused my resolve to crack. First there was Vista the train wreck of an operating system from Microsoft. My first exposure to Vista came with the laptop that I bought two years for Patty when she was in the hospital. There was only one choice for the operating system – Vista. After a few weeks of playing with Vista while Patty was in the hospital, I quickly realized that I did NOT like it. Up to this point it really hasn’t mattered that much. Zack and I have continued to use Patty’s laptop. It was plagued with a number of technical issues that I recently resolved. As I started to use the laptop more I really decided that it wasn’t that I just didn’t like Vista – I hated it. Unfortunately the time has come for us to get a new computer for most of our computing needs in the house. We have had a desktop computer that we use for most of our work and we have had it since January of 2005. That computer is no longer cutting the mustard. It just doesn’t have the horse power to get things done, so we need to get a new computer. I have been debating this several weeks and with the helpful direction of a friend who is a very proficient Mac user I have decided to take the plunge and buy a Mac. I used the website to make an appointment with one of their personal shoppers for Wednesday evening. I intend to come home that evening with a new laptop.
(Of course this image is an Apple Copyright. So I got to mention that!)
One of the more difficult aspects of this is all the countless software packages that I have purchased over the years for my Windows based computers. I guess for now I will always have to have a Windows based machine in my house but I am not going to be spending a ton of money on them that is for sure. For now I will hold off buying a new Windows machine and concentrate on using the Mac. I didn’t write a blog entry yesterday because we were very busy. The day started with a 20+ mile bike ride for me. I will be ramping up my riding in a pretty major way in the coming weeks so that I am ready for Death Ride 2009 in July. After my bike ride Zack and I went to see Cole’s piano recital. Our afternoon was spent at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The evening was low key but I have a ton of working going on here at home so it seems I never have any time. Oh well – I just need to start working harder to fit my blogging into my schedule. Today has been all about work, work and more work. Zack had his field day at school and had a ton of fun. I have rearranged his Sylvan versus WCCK days at school for the last two weeks. Instead of Sylvan he went to WCCK. As a result, tomorrow – Tuesday will be a Sylvan day. Anyway – thanks and peace to all. – J.

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