Thursday, May 28, 2009

Squirrel Torture

A couple of weeks ago Nancy got a bird feeder for Mother's Day from Tim and Celinde.  We debated where to hang it up for several days before deciding upon a hook that hangs from the roof of the back deck.  I filled the feeder up with feed 2 weeks ago.  It took quite awhile before the birds finally managed to find it earlier this week.  Each morning as I sit at the kitchen table working I have been treated to a show from Mother Nature.  For the most part the birds that have showed up at the feeder have been common birds - mostly sparrows and wrens.
Besides the birds we have had some other visitors to the feeder.  The squirrels have found the feeder and have found frustration.  There is just no way in this world that they can get at the feeder.  They have tried just about every way possible to reach the feeder and get into the bird seed.
I have enjoyed sitting there watching the squirrels try and figure out somehow, someway to get at the feeder.  You can tell from their actions that they are frustrated as all heck.  They have climbed up the red wood support beam for the roof and have tried to jump over to the feeder.  No luck!  They have sat underneath the feeder getting on their hind legs trying to reach the feeder - no luck again.  Everything a little squirrel could think of - they have done.  I think if they could swear I would hear lots and lots of swear words coming from the squirrels.
I don't like to torture animals in anyway shape or form.  But I must admit it is really humorous to watch the antics of these little guys as they try to get that bird seed.  Honestly though the squirrels are frustrated, the birds are helping them out by knocking large quantities of bird seed down to the floor of the deck.  So the squirrels are definitely getting their fill of the bird seed.
It is time for me to get off to bed as I am almost falling asleep as I type.  We hope everyone has had a great day.
Thanks and peace to all! - J.

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