Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Ridiculously Late - But the Nuggets Won!

Yes - it is very late and I am now just writing my blog post for the day. Technically it is already Wednesday - but I haven't gone to bed so it is still Tuesday to me. My post is so late tonight because I went to the Denver Nuggets NBA Round 2 Playoff game. The Nuggets are playing the Dallas Mavericks in this series. For whatever reason the game did not start until 8:30PM. That was a very late starting game. I believe it started so late because of broadcast scheduling. I think the game was part of a double-header of games on ESPN. The game was not the best of games. It was a very physical, violent kind of game and there were lots and lots of fouls. The first 3 periods were very long and the teams just seemed to beat up on each other the entire time. Denver finally broke away and started to run up the score in the 4th period. In the end the Nuggets won by 12 points - 117 to 105. They now lead the series 2 - 0. This was the first professional sport "playoff" game that I have ever been to in my life. It was kind of neat to see as so many people were very excited. The place was packed and every one seemed totally and completely excited to be there. So it was neat to experience that! I took the light rail to and from the game and my ride home was very interesting. Because the trains were so crowded I took the first train heading south that I could get. This was a C line train that had I stayed on it would have taken me to Littleton. So I got off at the Broadway station so that I could transfer lines. The next train headed my way was an H Line going to Nine Mile. Though this put me closer to my destination, I would have to get off and transfer at the Southmoor station. At the Southmoor station I had another 10 minute wait until an E Line train showed up that enabled me to get the whole way to the Dry Creek Station and get home. Once home I had some things I wanted to take care of - an e-mail to an important friend and this blog post along with somethings I had to take care of - a series of e-mails for work concerning a communication problem with my client about a project taking place in Southeast Asia. So it is now 1:30AM and I am still awake - yuck! Tomorrow is going to be a very long day as I am sure to be very tired. As always - thanks and peace to all! - J.

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