Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Importance of Being Ernest

I wasn’t sure that I was going to write tonight or not. However I have a lot on my mind so the decision was made – I would write. The title of tonight’s blog entry is a reflection on the situation in which I find myself tonight. The “Importance of Being Ernest’ was a play written by Oscar Wilde in the 1890’s about a number of different characters who maintain fictitious identities to escape unwelcome social obligations. OK – I am not maintaining a ficticious identity, however I have certainly clothed my own personality in a number of different cloaks in the last several months to prevent my true feelings from coming out. We work through our issues in life and we come out of them stronger. However it is very hard for me not put myself out there and say exactly what I fell. If we do put myself out there and say what I feel I tend to get grief for what I say. Why is that? I really don't know. I have editted this entry numerous times and the line of thought no longer makes a lot of sense - I will admit that. For those of you who read it earlier it made much more sense. But sometimes, after re-reading what I write I just can't stomach it and hence it has to go. This entry was clearly one of those that I could not stomach. Bottom line is I will just have to figure all out myself. There are no easy answers in a situation like this. I just need to plow through and try and make the best of things for myself. All I can say is that it just sucks what life can throw at us at times! To those of you who read this blog each and every day – THANK YOU! The blog is approaching ten thousand hits in the last six months. In my wildest dreams I NEVER imgained that I would have almost ten thousand hits. Peace to all! – J.

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