Sunday, May 3, 2009

A favorite of ours - hanging out at the bookstore

One of the favorite activities that Zack and I have is to go to a bookstore and spend hours upon hours, browsing, reading and just being together. We are regular fixtures in the local Barnes & Noble and Borders. We most often head to these stores towards the end of the day after we have had dinner. Sometimes we will get a coffee drink or some kind of treat from the coffee shops that are located within the stores. Other times we will browse for a while and then we will head to our local Maggie Moos to get an ice cream or milk shake. The time we spend in the bookstores is a really special time for Zack and me. We will each find a book or two that we want to look at and then we will find one of those large chairs that are through out the bookstores these days and we will squeeze in the chair together and read. We are both avid readers and love books of all different sorts. Zack loves to read both fiction and non-fiction books. He is constantly reading through a fiction series of books and always has one or two science books that he is reading. Thankfully he makes very good use of the library or I think that I would go bankrupt keeping him in books. I go back and forward between works of fiction and non-fiction. When I last wrote about our reading habits, I was in the midst of reading the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books by Alexander McCall Smith. I have just about finished that series of books and I have a number of other books in progress. Today we spent a bunch of time at Borders at Park Meadows Mall. We had a bunch of errands to run this afternoon but we both wanted to stop at the bookstore to look for some books. Zack was looking for the latest book in the “Seekers” series by Erin Hunter. I was looking for a book called “Modoc – The True Story of the Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived”. For some reason I am very interested in elephants. I always have been and I think I always will be. A friend recommended this book to me as a really good book about an elephant. So I just had to get it! The Borders at the Park Meadows Mall is a really nice store. It open a year ago – May 15, 2008 in the new area of the mall called The Vistas at Park Meadows. This section of the mall was built to compete with the new shopping area – the Streets of Southglenn that is being built a few miles away. The Vistas is an open walking mall where they have a bunch of restaurants and boutique shops. Part of the mall itself was restructured to accommodate this new development. In this Borders there are these huge plate glass windows that give you an excellent view of the mountains off to the west. There is a Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop in the northern corner against these huge windows. So it is always enjoyable to grab a book, get a drink and then sit there in the chairs near the Seattle’s Best and just relax. It makes for a very pleasant day. Zack and I didn’t do a full on afternoon at the book store today. We spent about 30 minutes looking for our books and browsing through the aisles. It was still enjoyable and made for a good afternoon. The rest of the day was about a lot of activity. This morning we got up and quickly decided that we were going to go swimming again today. So we called Cole to see if he wanted to go. He did so we ran by his house and picked him up and then headed to the Lone Tree Rec Center. We swam for a couple of hours before we headed home. On the way home we stopped for a quick lunch at Taco Bell. The rest of the day was busy with errands, the book store and then work around the house. I had to stop at Tim and Celinde’s because I needed to use a table saw for some of the work that I was doing here at the house. I don’t have a table saw so I always go and use Tim’s when I need to do some cutting. (I was repairing the bottom of a drawer in one of my filing cabinets in my computer room.) Zack decided to hang with Cole for the rest of the afternoon when I stopped to use the saw. So – he definitely got a lot of activity in today and as a result was very tired tonight. I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Tomorrow is Monday and the merry go round of the week begins anew. Thanks and peace to all! – J.

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Angie said...

Have you watched the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency on HBO? I started watching it and it is GOOD!!