Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tears in Denver Tonight

This is probably one of the latest "late night" posts that I have written.  I really didn't expect to be writing an entry tonight as I was sound asleep in bed around 12:15AM.  Unfortunately I had called a friend at 11:30PM and when I didn't hear back from them by midnight, I assumed I won't hear back until tomorrow.  Long story short, my friend had been asleep, woke up and saw I had called, thought it was important and decided to call me back.  So since I am awake I figured I might as well write a blog entry.
Why are there tears in Denver tonight?  Because the Nuggets lost and they have been eliminated from the NBA playoffs.  As a result there are many people weeping in their beers tonight.  In some ways I share that sentiment but in other ways I am exceedingly happy that they have lost.  Why would I be happy that they have lost?  Because now I think it will be a lot easier for me to get my season ticket packet to the Nuggets for the 2009/2010 season.  
Zack and I really enjoyed the going to all the Nuggets games that we went to in 2008/2009.  I had purchased a 10 game ticket package and it allowed us to see a total of 11 games.  (The ticket package came with one extra game).  Of the 11 games we made it to 8 of them.  For two games I gave the tickets away to friends and then we just simply skipped the other game.  So...  with the Nuggets losing tonight there will be fewer people on the "band wagon" come September when it is time for to buy our ticket package again.  So - we should be able to get some good seats this year at hopefully a reasonable cost.
Another reason for tears in Denver tonight is that the Colorado Rockies (our baseball team) have done one of the most stupid things.  They fired the most successful manager in team history - Clint Hurdle.  Now I am not a big baseball fan in any way shape or form.  However, I really like Clint Hurdle.  The guy is just a plain and simple good guy and I think he isn't a bad baseball coach.  He took the Rockies to the World Series in 2007 with a team that didn't necessarily have a lot of talent.  So unfortunately for Denver, I think the actions of the Rockies management have doomed them to be in the proverbial cellar of baseball for years to come.  Now mind you...  they'll still win the World Series before the Chicago Cubs, but they aren't going to be good for a long time to come.  Yes - there is no respected for the Chicago Cubbies!  At least Chicago has the White Sox!!  (Just some humor at the expense of the Cubs fans!)
Our day was kind of uneventful but good.  Today I went to Bonfils very early in the morning and donated 2 units of platelets and a unit of plasma.  Because of the amount of platelets they took off me I was in the chair for almost 2 hours donating.  That is not fun to spend that long of a time hooked up to one of those machines, but I always feel so good after donating knowing that within a day my platelets will be in a cancer patient's body helping them survive.
Work involved a number of conference calls that weren't necessarily fun.  This afternoon/evening I spent most of the time taking care of errands and doing things around the house.  That may sound boring but a lot of those errands resulted in me getting things that are important to me completed.  In particular, we got our new grill picked up a Lowes.  We went to Best Buy and used a number of "Reward Zone" certificates that were expiring this weekend.  Though I wasn't able to get my "Eye-Fi" GPS card for my camera today as they were sold out here in Park Meadows.  I got the rest of my flowers planted in the planter in front of the house and got a few more flower sets from Home Depot.  So it was a good day that left Zack and I both feeling happy.
With that I am going to go back to bed and hopefully fall asleep quickly.  My alarm is set for 5:40AM as I want to be up and on my bike by then as I am planning a 60 mile bike ride around Denver tomorrow.  Provided I actually get my ass up and out of bed and do the ride I will definitely blog about it tomorrow.
Til later - thanks and peace to all! - J.

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