Sunday, November 30, 2008

New York, New York!

We have returned from our adventure to New York. I really wanted to try and post more when we were there but I had a hard time getting a connection with my laptop’s broadband card so I was limited in my ability to update.
Our first evening was spent hanging out in Times Square and just seeing some of the basic sights. The really adventure began on Wednesday morning. We were a little slow getting up that morning as it was pretty early for us on Denver time. Once I finally woke up I got Zack up and we got moving. Our first NYC breakfast was at the huge McDonalds right off of Times Square. Zack was truly amazed at the size of the place.
After breakfast we scurried through the cold weather to the subway station. We wanted to see if we could take a subway to our first stop – the aircraft carrier Intrepid. Unfortunately, there was no subway line that ran close to it so we decided to take a cab. The Intrepid was very interesting to Zack. He was amazed that airplane could land on the deck of the ship. But once we walked the length of the flight deck he quickly understood how an airplane could land on it. We spent about 1 hour there exploring every nook and cranny of the ship that is open. Unfortunately the Intrepid has just returned from a 2 year upgrade and not all of the exhibits are yet open. A new addition to the Intrepid museum is one of the remaining Concorde Supersonic Passenger jets. I was amazed to see how small the cabin area was. Though you would spend tens of thousands of dollars for the ticket you really didn’t have much room.
After the Intrepid we caught a cab to the Empire State Building. We waited in line over 1.5 hours to get to the observation deck on the 86th floor. Zack was NOT happy with the situation. However, I told him that the Empire State Building was “THE NYC experience”. We toughed it out, but he was just not a happy camper. When we finally got outside to the observation deck Zack was more interested in trying to play with the pigeons than he was in looking at the wonderful view – oh well – that is my boy! We had a great lunch at a small little café on the way back to the hotel. We also stopped at Grand Central and the main New York Public Library. After a short time at our hotel we hit the road again – this time for Central Park West to meet up with my sister and see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloons blown up. Zack was so excited that we took the subway. He loved going down through the different levels of the subway station to arrive at the level that would allow us to get on the Broadway line. Viewing the balloons was an experience as the crowds were HUGE. I kept on my hand on Zack the whole time because had I lost him in that crowd I would never have found him again. We had dinner with my sister, her kids and one of her friends and her kids. All-in-all the day was great.
Thanksgiving Day dawned early as we wanted to get a good position to see the parade. We got out on the parade route at the corner of 40th and Broadway around 7:30AM. I got Zack a great seat on top of a mailbox. After spending 45 minutes in the cold, Zack decided he had had enough. I tried to cajole him into staying put but he would have none of it. So we headed back to the hotel before the parade began. We didn’t end up seeing any of it. But that was OK with Zack as he was sick of sitting there in the cold freezing. I didn’t mind that much as the crowds were SO LARGE and it was cold! (The cold is Manhattan is damp and given that we are from arid Colorado we are not used to that.) We packed up our hotel room and quickly caught a subway to Grand Central Terminal. We were heading to Wilton, Connecticut to join my sister Stephanie and her family for Thanksgiving dinner. Zack was in such awe of Grand Central. He was amazed that there were level upon level of train tracks and subways. The place was absolutely packed but we managed to get on a train to Stamford, Connecticut with out any problems. My brother-in-law Paul met us at the train station and drove us to their house. Thanksgiving dinner was great and both Zack and I enjoyed our selves. On Friday we met up with Patty’s best friend Mary Ellen. She had purchased tickets for us to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas production. Mary Ellen drove from her home in Hartford to my sister’s place in Wilton. From there the three of us proceed to take the train into the city. Upon our arrival in the city Zack decided he was incredibly hungry. This necessitated us stopping several times at street vendors to fill his stomach with street vendor hotdogs. He loved them. Zack enjoyed the show and was amazed by the theater and the entire production.
After the show we headed to Rockefeller Center to grab some lunch at the Rock Café. The Rock Café is a restaurant that is behind the Rockefeller Center skating rink. So we got to sit there and watch the skaters while we ate lunch. After lunch we visited St. Patrick’s cathedral and then journeyed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I have been to the museum many times but each time it is a new adventure going there. I loved looking at Zack and the expressions on his face as he looked at the amazing works of art. It was absolutely fantastic to give him such a wonderful experience! Our last stop in the city before heading back to my sisters was to do some shopping in Times Square. Zack was determined to return to a shop we had been in the first night – M&M’s World. The taxi ride from the Met to Times Square was horrific as there were so many people on the streets. It was impossible to make any progress. When we finally reached Times Square, M&M’s World was so crowded we could barely get in the door. I honestly have never seen a store as crowded as that store was. I managed to get Zack his stuff there and we then walked back to Grand Central Terminal and caught the next train back to Stamford. Saturday was spent not doing too much. We hung out with Zack’s cousins, Emily, Matt and Julie Ann. It was low key day. We left for the airport around 5:30PM and caught our JetBlue flight back to Denver without any problems. We arrived back in Denver about 15 minutes early and we got home at 12:40AM just as the snow was beginning to fall. We had a great time during our short trip to New York City. Though we did not see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, we could not have asked for a more adventuresome trip. On another note – I am still playing with the blog format. Additionally, I experienced some problems with the e-mail feature. I am hoping I have those solved and no one has been left off the new list. We hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready for the new week to begin. Thanks and peace to all!


Millie said...

Your adventure trip to NY sounds like both you and Zack had a great time. I was looking at the picture of Zack standing alone in Times Square and wonder if this was in the area where there is a web cam - because - those two guys standing behind him wearing black jackets & jeans were on the Times Square Cam for a very, very long time when I was looking. They appeared to want to make sure the whole world saw them! Zack will carry the memories of this trip for a lifetime. Love reading all your blogs - keep up the good work. (tried to comment before but don't think it went through) Love your home page background picture too.

sandstep7 said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!
Your blog is lookin great.
Nice to see you guys having lots of fun.
Take care..
The Stephen Family