Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday's Adventure - FOOD!

Ok - Sunday we didn't have any wild and crazy adventures outdoors. Nope. Instead all of our adventures were indoors courtesy of my cooking. Zack and I already have plans for Thanksgiving - which I'll get to in a minute. No matter what, I love having a Thanksgiving dinner at home sometime during the month of November. So I decided that I would make our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. I prepared a complete menu of "Thanksgiving" food to make. We would have a turkey, cheesy potatoes, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, corn, sauted mushrooms, gravy, freshly made rolls and of course pumpkin pie. Our turkey was a nice 13.25 pounder who I prompted named Harold. Since I was a kid I have always named my Thanksgiving turkey. Attached is a picture of Harold as he went into the oven to cook!
All the food was homemade and I feel pretty good that I was able to get all the dishes out of the oven within a few minutes of each other. I always think that is the toughest thing about cooking a big dinner - timing it so that everything is finished around the same time.
I love pumpkin pie and the recipe that I used this year was fabulous. The pumpkin custard turned out rich and creamy - it was great. (Ok - I could make the crusts a lot more fancy!)
I grossed out Zack entirely by cooking up the turkey heart, gizzard and liver and eating them. OK - I didn't eat the liver, I gave that to the dogs. I maybe unusual but I just love the turkey heart and gizzard. They have so much favor to them. I suffered my one cooking related injury when I was giving Lex a piece of the turkey heart. He was so eager to get it he almost bit my finger off!
We won't be home for Thanksgiving this year as we are going to New York city for the week of Thanksgiving. Zack and I will be spending 4 days in New York and Connecticut. For the first 2 days we will be staying in the Times Square Hilton in the middle of mid-town Manhattan. The last 2 days we will be staying with my sister and her family in Connecticut. We will be doing all kinds of stuff and we will be going to see the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade in person. Zack and I are quite excited for this. I'll provide more information about our New York adventure early next week.
We had some friends over to join us for our Thanksgiving feast. So all-in-all it was a great day and a great adventure. I love to cook and I'll definitely post again about our adventures in cooking!
Peace to all!

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Tracy said...

Zack is SO blessed to have such an awesome Dad. What a great Thanksgiving Feast. I TOTALLY agree, the toughest part is getting it all done at the same time and on the table hot. I cook the meal now at my Mom's, but she still helps get it all on the table hot and I SO appreciate that! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving In NYC!! In Him, Tracy