Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Adventures with DNA

Since our return from our Thanksgiving trip our adventures have been low-key. On Sunday we did NOTHING. Yep - that is right nothing. We sat around and watched TV all day. Zack played some video games and I watched football. Our special treat for the day was that I DVR'ed the whole Planet of the Apes Series on the Fox Movie Channel. So we have hours and hours of Roddy McDowell looking foolish in an ape costume to look forward to. It was kind of funny as Zack was actually very interested in the movies. Tuesday's adventure was all about DNA. Yes - I do mean deoxyribonucleic acid. No Zack and I are not trying to pull a Jimmy Neutron and clone ourselves! DNA was the subject of today's science club. Zack loves science club and we have to make each and every session. This evening's meeting offered the kids the opportunity to explore the orgins of life and how DNA came about and it's impact on life on this planet. Zack is a fanatic about physics and astronomy but biology has not been a strong interest point for him. One area in which he is interested in DNA. I think DNA interests him so much because of how it came about and how it is like an atomic particle in some ways. When I told him the subject of today's meeting he was like - COOL! Gary Berkowitz who is the illustrous "Dr. Science" did a great job explaining to the kids the theory of how DNA came about and how it has evolved. Gary is a Willow Creek parent and does the science club out of the kindness of his heart. Zack and I are already looking forward to the weekend. We'll have some great outdoor adventures to tell everyone about. Til then - Thanks and peace to all!

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