Friday, November 14, 2008

At Last - The First Snow Fall of the Season!

Denver has a history of extreme weather. The weather here is never the same and it can change within a very short period of time. This year we were on the verge of setting a new record for the latest "first snow fall". On average the snow falls here for the first time on October 22. The record for the latest "first snow fall" is November 21. We were rapidly approaching November 21 without a flake in the sky. That changed overnight as we got about 1/2 inch of snow. The picture below is that of our house covered in this first snow.
With the snow our options for adventures in the outdoors has increased. Yes - it has been snowing for the last 1.5 months in the mountains and the ski resorts have been open for weeks, but this really allows us to do stuff right here in the Front Range that involves the snow.
But with the snow, conditions will get much more dangerous. I took the next 2 pictures several weeks ago when Zack and I were in the mountains. We went out for a hike that in the summer would have been easy. But with the snow it became down right treacherous and dangerous. Zack was an amazing trooper and dealt with the conditions like a pro. Even when he found himself sliding down a snow slope that ended in a 10 foot fall into Blue Lake he didn't panic. He reacted on instinct and went as flat as he could and dug his heels into the snow. We love the snow but we do need to be more careful. The pictures below were taken on that hike in the Monte Christo Gulch area which is south of Breckinridge.
Well - got to run. Need to get to work.
Peace to all!

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Millie said...

I'll bet Zack was a happy little boy when he looked outside! It's coming our way back east......