Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Memo To the Powers That Be

Please note: Today’s blog post is written entire in jest.  I do not believe in a superior being who determines our fate.  My personal spiritual system believes in a benign creator who takes no active role in our lives nor does he care about us personally.  I know that might be a controversial view but it’s just what I believe.  Of course when I am scared out of my wits that I am going to get killed or I need something to happen really badly I am know to mutter a “prayer” or two under my breath.


From: Jerry Kromer

To: The Powers That Be

Subject: Knock off all the Bad Stuff

You! Yeah you!  Yes you!  God, Allah, Buddha, Jupiter, Apollo, Jehovah, The Force, Ahura Mazda, Yahweh – whatever you want to call your (selves).  You superior being(s) who control our fate – that’s who I am talking to!

I am tired of you messing with me.  It’s time for you to go and pick on someone else for a change.  I think the all the challenges, stress and strain you have put me through has been overdone and now it is time to let me have some good luck.

Yes that’s right you big superior snotty being, I want to have some good luck.  How about you let me win the next Powerball lottery that goes above $200 million?  Or how about letting me have the girl in my life that I really want?  Or at least let my kid get over the anxiety stuff.  There’s plenty of good luck things that you could grant me – how about it?

If you feel that I am over reaching by any one of those requests I will even settle for less.  I will settle for just no more challenges or stress.  For example – let’s just look at yesterday and see what kind of challenges I had.  First I wake up groaning in pain because my back hurts so much.  Second, my eight year old chocolate lab manages to get his big mouth on a box of cookie dough pop tarts.  The fact that Lex ate 6 cookie dough pop tarts really isn’t a big deal when he eats them at 7:00AM, however it became a really big deal at 2:00AM this morning when he is whining and whimpering to go outside and do his duty because his tummy hurts from eating all that stuff.  The third thing was a stroke of genius for you boneheads.  You had me go to the hospital, get an MRI and then find out I have to have more surgery on my back.  That was really good.  One of you supreme beings must be a real jokester because you really left me laughing at that one.  Then just to make sure there is a topper to them all, you made sure Nancy couldn’t fully pull her car into the driveway so it’s back end is in a perfect spot for me to hit it with the Explorer when I am pulling out of the driveway.  I liked the last one, as it was a really good one.  That one keep me laugh so hard I ended up crying into my dinner.  You guys sure know how to work a crowd.

So big guys in the sky – what ever flavor of religion you truly are how about lying off of me for a little bit and just letting things go my way?  What do you say?  If you want I’ll go find a chicken somewhere and sacrifice it to you – is that a good enough payment to get all these challenges to end?  I am sure you will have no problem finding another poor schlep like me to torture with some really good challenges!


Which God is yours?

That was just a little bit of humor to highlight what a great day yesterday was.  Today has definitely been a little bit better.  The only challenge I have had all day is that my flight to Indianapolis is running about 1.5 hours late.  .

This trip to Indianapolis will be really quick and straightforward.  The meetings tomorrow are with our service delivery team for a client.  The purpose of the meetings is to do an operational review of our work for this client and see where new processes and systems are needed.

I am meeting my boss at the Indianapolis airport.  We are then getting a car and driving to the work site which is about 70 miles away.  Hopefully this will be a good visit with the project team.  By this time tomorrow night I will already be on my way home. 

It will be interesting to see how Zack does this evening.  Often when I am not around he will give whoever is there with him a very hard time.  In some ways he doesn't mean to, but in other ways I think he knows that he can take advantage of someone else.  Nancy is staying with Zack while I am gone.  She came over to the house on Tuesday because she was afraid it was going to snow today. 

Since Nancy moved to Cranbrook I think we have done this kind of arrangement about 4 or 5 times.  If I am going some where in which I am going to be getting home really late, instead of getting some one else to stay with Zack, Nancy will volunteer to do it.  She seems to enjoy coming and staying with Zack.  The move to Cranbrook has made her appreciate the time she spends with Zack that much more.  Whereas before she moved, she got to see him every day.  So she never really total advantage of the time to really spend time with Zack and understand him.  She is doing a lot more of spending quality time with Zack.  So that is very good.

Oh - I got to meet my boss for the first time this evening.  I am writing from this paragraphy onward in the hotel once we reached here this evening.  I have spent enough time over the last year talking with my boss on the phone that I really wasn't surprise by how she looked.  I had seen one picture of her before on my company's Intranet, so that helped me not to be surprised.

I suppose I should wrap things up for the evening.  I am tired from my traveling and right now I am kind of out of it because I took my pain pills just a little while ago.  There is one big downside to the pain pills - they make you itchy.  Of times they make my nose very itchy which drives me insane!

Have a great night!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


JoHanna said...

Boy haven't we all prayed that prayer? Whatever faith we are. It can be hard to understand why God allows suffering. I believe God is personal - real and that nothing that upsets us or hurts us is beyond His notice and concern. It has been my personal experience that when I am at my lowest, when I am struggling the most and in the depths of despair, He is there. I don't imagine it. I don't wish it. He is actually with me, comforting me. Before I knew Him, I thought of Him as a distant, uncaring, wrathful God. I wanted to forget about Him. Be as far away from Him as possible. It wasn't until I saw Him answering some very specific prayers on my behalf that I realized He was interested in me personally and that He cared enough to help me. He became real in my life. That's when my life changed.
Has it all been wonderful since that time? No. But I have found a lot of answers. I believe He has a plan for every one of us. The pain and hardships haven't disappeared from my life, but I know there is One that never leaves me alone. I didn't intend this to be a sermon, I am just sharing my experience with God. I really hope and pray that things get better for you soon.

My times are in your hands~Psalm 31:15

tcsTenor said...

Jerry, God doesn't cause those horrible things to you or me. The devil does. And, boy, does he ever delight in doing them. Satan and his minions are the ones that wreak all the havoc in our lives. It's true God doesn't stop the devil and his demons from hurting people on earth, but God comforts us and answers our prayers on His time-frame, not ours.

Praying more often couldn't hurt. Why not try it? It's free!

I pray that your next back surgery will be your last and that you will be able to resume the outdoor activities you so love!