Monday, December 19, 2011

So Watcha Think?

The question must be asked!  The viewpoints must be raised!  The creative element must be analyzed!  What do you all think of my new blog format?  There are some things I still need to work out particularly concerning the header area of the blog, but for the most part this is the design that I like.  What about all of you?  Does this look alright?  Does it make the visual context overwhelm the written word?  Please provide me with lots of feedback to what you like (if you like anything that is) and what you don't like about this blog layout.

On any given day I typically get between 60 and 80 different page views of my blog.  I would love to log in tomorrow and have 20 or 30 different comments about the blog style to review.  Your feedback is critical in my ability to make this blog readable.  Writing the content isn't exactly easy, but it is just as easy to write it only for myself as it is to write it for the entire world.  So please share your thoughts and let me know what you think.  To me this blog is a success when however many people read it, look at it and either enjoy it or better yet - start thinking through something because of what I wrote.  All you lurkers out - I do know who many of you are - go ahead and leave a comment.  I do promise I won't bite!

I am struggling to finish this blog entry as I am so very tired tonight.  Due to the continued significant pain in my back I am tired due to the amount of pain killers in me and it has just been a very busy and crazy day.

Much of the craziness today was caused by the fact that our professional organizer Dayna-Rae started working with us today.  Let me clarify that - Dayna-Rae started working with Zack today!  Zack has the biggest order of magnitude of work to do to get his possessions and room organized.  At first Zack jumped right into the work and made some good headway with Dayna-Rae.  After about 1.5 hours he started to tire of the process and had to go check out.  I asked Dayna-Rae if that was pretty typical for a 13 year old.  Her response was "Oh yeah - particularly for boys as they seem to find little benefit in organizing stuff at that age".  Regardless we (all three of us) made a good bit of headway.  Zack and I are going to get busy with our home work for the stuff we need to do before Dayna-Rae comes back right before the beginning of the New Year.

The other item of excitement - or actually lack of excitement was the fact that we had a power outage for about 3 hours this afternoon.  It started to snow here when I was on my way home from Physical Therapy this morning.  By the middle of the afternoon the roads were slick and snow covered and apparently a truck hit a local transformer box knocking out electricity to our section of Centennial and most of Lone Tree as well.  Definitely no fun, but it is the way it goes some times.  Once it started to get dark and we still didn't have power, Zack and I went out and did some shopping at Target where at least we had light and could get something done.

My eyelids are beginning to betray me and hence I must sleep!

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!

Merry Christmas to you all! ~J

Please, please provide me with some feedback on the new style of the blog.  Thanks!!


Rilly said...

I think the overlapping photos are a bit much. One or the other but not both. The rest is good and readable.
Merry Christmas!

Elasti-Girl; Kris said...

Not to be contrary, but I like the photos, it adds something to what I'm reading, not sure what, but it's pleasant.