Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The first posting to this blog was written on November 11, 2008.  In that time there has been very little change to the format and design of the blog.  It is time to change!

Yes - I should be in bed sound asleep given that I only slept 2 hours last night.  I couldn't sleep because my back and my leg were in so much pain.  Though I am tired tonight I feel restless.  My mood is good, I just feel like I need to be busy.  I want to work at something and create something. 

In the time since I launched this blog, there have been a lot of changes to the site that hosts it - Blogger.com.  Back then Blogger.com was pretty much a standalone website that didn't have a lot of links into other things.  Today Blogger.com is part of the dynamic empire called Google.  As a result of Bloggers integration into the Google empire, there are many more tools, connections and links that are available to me as an author on Blogger.

I have decided it is time that I start taking advantage of them.  In the coming days I will be revamping the overall format of the blog.  In addition to design changes that I make to the appearance of the blog, I also intend to use many of widgets and other tools that Google has proved to link this blog into other tool sets like Facebook.  Given my desire to propagate this blog, I will also be integrating into Networked Blogs and creating my own blog feed.  The content of the blog will also change to some degree as I intend to add several other pages of static content.  These pages will tell specific things about me, Zack and our lives.  The exact content on those pages is still a work in progress in my mind.

For now this blog will become the hub of the every growing content that I am putting on the web.  It will include links to my first custom site - www.Coloradomountainpasses.com and any other sites that I decide to launch.

Please look for all these changes in the next week or two.  Give me feedback as to what you think about the changes that I make.  It is going to be fun to be creative and just go wild with new and different concepts and ideas about this blog. 

Thanks for reading and please look forward to the new improved blog coming your way!

Good night and sleep well world!

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