Sunday, December 18, 2011

Manic Energy - And the Best Picture I Ever Took

I need to take a very deep breath!  Do you ever wake in the morning with a feeling of determination that results in an almost manic flow of energy into your body?  I have had one of those mornings.   It could be that I slept like a rock last night and I awoke and consumed a fair amount of caffeine on an empty stomach.  I was busy last night and didn't get to bed until almost 2:30AM but regardless I feel like I have a 75,000 horsepower turbine powering me this morning.  Yes - I did drink the best part of a Full Throttle Energy drink this morning so I think that goes a very long way toward explaining that.

Perhaps too I am just bouncing back from yesterday as it was a difficult day as I had to take Nancy to the doctor and spend a good bit of time there with her as she wasn't doing well.  I am never really sure what all is going on with her.  I don't know if she is really not doing well or if she is just feeling the effects of being 80 years old and it takes a lot out of her.  Regardless of what it is, I will keep watching out for her and hoping beyond hope she will get to the point she feels good.  (Yesterday's issue turned out that she has an infection and had to get a pretty strong antibiotic for it.  Hopefully it will resolve the problem for her.)

Because of all of this I feel like I have 100 million different subject about which I want to write today.  It really isn't 100 million but it might be like 20,000!  So I expected throughout the day I will make numerous blog entries.  For those of you who get my e-mail updates I will turn them off for the day after this post because I don't want to pollute your in-box with spam!!

This week I have been at my brother's house a number of times for various activities.  Yesterday I was there looking through some of the pictures that Celinde has taken over the years so that I can build a collage of photos that have Zack, me and Patty in them.  Notoriously most of the pictures I have here at home have Zack and Patty or Zack and me, but rarely all 3 of us - because someone needed to take the picture.

While I was there I came across what I think is the best picture that I ever took in my life.  It is at Tim and Celinde's because I gave them several copies of it since it was a picture of their first dog - Jake.  It was so good that I framed a copy of it and gave it to my brother for his birthday the year after Jake died.

I was thinking about that picture this morning so I went and found it in my archives.  It was originally taken on black and white film in 2001.  But over the years I have converted most of my film pictures into electronic versions.  I felt like sharing that picture this morning because when I looked at yesterday it brought back so many good memories of a life that was much simpler, happier in a different way and much more adventuresome.

My hope as 2011 winds down and as we approach 2012 life is going to return to that simpler, more adventuresome and happier way.  I am confident it will do that.  But I had to share this wonderful picture with the world.

The picture was taken in July of 2001 at Lily Pad lakes in the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area at the southern end of the Gore Range of Mountains.  My college roommate Allen Greenberg and his life partner Jay Evans were visiting for a week and we hiking all over the place that week.  We I took this picture we had done an extensive hike and Jake just wanted to get into the water.  Even though Jake wasn't that old, he was a cantankerous puppy.  He wasn't cantankerous in a bad way, he just had his own way about him and he wanted you to adhere to that way.  He loved to play in the water and if you threw a rock in the water for him to fetch he would stand there and just dig and dig and paw for it.  He would run himself ragged trying to dig that rock out of the mud of the bottom of the pond.  When I snapped this picture Jake was standing in the water at the edge of the lake waiting for one of us to toss a rock into the water.  To me the picture shows his excitement and anticipation of the fun he is about to have.  Jake is now long gone, but every time I look at this picture I remember his spirit, his love of the water and the outdoors and his own unique personality!

I hope everyone has a great day!!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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