Friday, February 12, 2010

Sepia Saturday - Frank and Rose Stremp

There are many different blog concepts that run around the "blogosphere". One of the blogs I routinely follow introduced me to "Sepia Saturday". The whole point of this blog effort is to use one day a week (Saturday) as a means to explore some aspect of your personal history. Given my own interests I thought this was a really interesting idea. Though it is only Friday evening, I am posting this entry as I have a few minutes while I sit here on a conference call for work. This is a picture of my grandparents Frank and Rose (nee Portler) Stremp. I had the privilege of knowing my grandparents for a good portion of my youth as Frank was alive until I was 14 and Rose until I was 23. I tend to relate to Frank quite a lot for several reasons. First - I was named after him. My full given name is Gerald Francis Kromer. I don't know where my parents got the Gerald other than the fact that they liked it. My middle name came from Frank. His first name was actually Franciszek, which is the polish equivalent of Francis. So that is how I ended up with Francis as a middle name.
Secondly Frank lost his mother at a very young age, he was 8 years old when she died. Though I didn't lose my mother at that age, I relate to him because of what Zack has gone through.
My grandparents were hard workers. They lived through some difficult times and did what they had to do to survive. Together they built their home from scratch. Like many houses in the Laurel Mountains of Western Pennsylvania they covered the outside of their house with the rocks that the scavenged from the farmer's fields around them.
There are many memorable stories that I heard over the years growing up about the things my grandparents had to do back "in the day" to get by and survive financial. I remember being a small kid sitting in my grandfather's filling station hearing him tell stories about his life. At the time I wish I had paid more attention as having details of those stories now would be fantastic!
Frank and Rose definitely had their own personalities - that is for sure! I remember my grandmother - Rose as somewhat stern and taciturn. Frank on the over hand seemed to be good natured and with a smile frequently on his face. Of course those could be memories that are guided by my own misconceptions of who they were.
Regardless of anything else, I appreciated and loved my grandparents. To me they were "good people".
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Hope you all have a great weekend!
Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


Alan Burnett said...

That is a great picture and a great post. There is such strength and determination in both of your grandparent's faces - and from what little I have read of your blog, this seems to have been passed down to you. Welcome to Sepia Saturday. I, for one, am looking forward to other Sepia Saturday posts over the coming weeks

Martin H. said...

Frank and Rose make a handsome couple. It's wonderful that you have a memory of them and what they achieved in their lives. I'm sure they were 'good people'.

Anonymous said...

It's good that you were old enough to remember them, yes? My father's mother lived 'til 2001 (she was my last surviving grandparent, at that time ) and the memories will never fade...Good post :)

willow said...

It's interesting to see how much Frank and Rose look alike. It is said we are attracted to similar features. Fun to have you join Sepia Saturday. Look forward to getting to know you.

Barry said...

Wonderful picture, full of character.

It is interesting how names are handed down in families.

William is a traditional first name that goes back generations in our family, but then became my brother's middle name before dying out completely in our children's generation.

Betsy said...

Hi Jerry! I'm so glad you've joined our group! You certainly started off with a gorgeous photo there of your grandparent's wedding day! My eyes were drawn to the beautiful bouquet, too!
What an inspiring story you have of your own! Come say hello when you have a chance!

Poetikat said...

Welcome to the Sepia Saturday experience, Frank and Zack!

It occurs to me, as I look at these photos on the blogs of various participants, that the people in these photographs could never have known that one day they would be revealed to total strangers all over the world, at the click of a button!
It is amazing, isn't it?

This is such a beautiful photgraph—the clarity and detail is wonderful and I do find it interesting that the groom, your grandfather, is sitting while his new bride gets to stand at his side.

Thanks so much for sharing. It's been a pleasure to read your post.


Poetikat said...

OOps! I got so caught up with the Frank name, that I mistakenly forget to address you as "Jerry". Sorry about that.

Leah said...

Thank you for sharing a little bit of your grandparents! And oh my, that dress is beautiful.

Stephanie said...

Nice photo - enjoyed your post! And trying to figure out where your header photo was shot - almost looks like Oregon.

Jerry Kromer said...

Thanks to everyone who has left such nice comments concerning my Sepia Saturday post! I really appreciate all of your comments!

L. D. Burgus said...

Welcome aboard. It is getting to be a large group but it is so interesting to view. Everyone does have a story.