Thursday, February 4, 2010

The End of the Dream

This post is not about anything personal. It is not an end of a dream for me. I am talking about something much larger. I am talking about the American Dream. It may be that the continuous dirge of bad news I keep hearing about the economy and the state of the nation that made me want to write this blog. But after reading an article on the USA Today website it really struck me hard that we have reached our apex as a nation. The article I read on the USA Today website was how some counties to save money are starting to convert paved roads to gravel roads. All the locations cited in the article were in rural areas, but think of it, we are leaving a sign of progress behind because of the cost. Have our muncipal and state governments ever done this before? I don't know, but my guess is since the time of The Great Depresssion, we haven't seen governments cutting back the way they are now. Abandoning paved roads for gravel... it is a remarkable change and a remarkable step backwards. (Personally I kind of cheer it because it might be better for the environment, but I realize what it means in terms of a step back from prosperity.)
On top of reading articles like that, there are numerous articles out there stating that the Federal Government may be heading towards default on it's loans. Moody's is actually considering cutting the rating of US Government debt. For the last 80 years the word of the US Government to pay back it's debt has been without doubt. Now for the first time in history there is serious doubt whether US Government backed securities will be paid back.
I am not trying to make a political statement by this post. I think there is a lot of blame to go around between people on both the right and the left. My point in writing this is just to point out the dream is gone. The American dream of your kids being more prosperous and well-off then you is just that - a dream and it is gone. Soon the debts will catch up with us and we will have to cut the tools of our empire - the military, foreign aid, economic programs, etc. With 2011 we will lose our manned space program and with the recent government budget announced we will not get the capability back until some private company starts sending people in to space. Yes - the trappings of empire are fading and the glory of our country will slow dull and blur. Just like we think of past world spanning empires - Rome, Byzantine, Spain, Great Britain and many others, the US of A will be consigned to the dust bin of empire. So... any one taking Chinese lessons yet?
Now that I have that off my chest, a quick personal update. I am working like a fiend on my project in Boulder. Work is crazy, crazy, crazy, but it has to be done. Nancy is out of the hospital and is doing so-so. She continues to experience some dizziness but she is hanging in there. Zack is Zack! He continues to be a complete unique one and only little man who tries his Dad's patience. All other aspects of life are going well and keeping us happy! :-)
As always thanks for reading my ramblings!
Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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tcsTenor said...

Glad you're finally seeing the writing on the wall that I've seen for several YEARS! (yes, the last 2 yrs of bush the spending went up up up, but obama has been and will continue to be much MUCH worse than bush re the spending!!!!!).
It is sad, but with this "awakening" will come more change that will not be to the current administration's benefit.
I pray to our Lord God Almighty (pooh pooh me if you wish - there is ONLY one God) that you and Zach are kept from harm and have a HAPPY HAPPY life. You have been dealt such a hardship with the loss of Zach's mom and your wife, Patty. I'm sure she knows how you are right this very minute!