Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Kid's Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day for kids is so much different than for adults. For the kids, everyone gets to be your Valentine. You exchange Valentine's cards with each and every kid in your class. As a kid you can even give the biggest valentine to your best friend (i.e. same sex) without anyone thinking it is weird.
Tomorrow they are celebrating Valentine's Day at Zack's school. So he was working this evening to address a Valentine Card to each and everyone in his class. Zack decided he had to go over and above through and did a Valentine's Card for each of his teachers - including every teacher he has had since 1st grade!
Besides the cards he also needed to make a Valentine's box so that all the kids in his class could put his Valentines in that box. All-in-all a pretty fun thing for him to do. Though I probably added a little bit of stress to his efforts by making him re-write some of the cards. To me it was just unacceptable that he misspelled some of his classmates names. I won't want to get a Valentine's card with my name spelled wrong! I am not a perfectionist by any stretch of the imagination but I kind of thought it was important for him to spell every kid's name right.
(Zack's Valentine Box - it's just a shoe box covered in pink construction paper. He didn't do much decorating as he said he wanted to go with a "minimalist" approach. )
It's only 3 hours until it is officially Friday! Yippee!
Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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Elise said...

Hi, Jerry!

You are an awesome dad! What a darling Valentine for your wonderful boy. I just found your blog via a bloggy friend of mine, Savitri.... I am touched by your courage and your quest to keep some of the creative magic your wife shared into your boy's life. You are courageous and devoted and wonderful ~ I'm sure Patty is proud!

Hope you boys had a loving day!