Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sad News.....

In one of the first blog post I wrote on Blogger, I wrote about "Jake the dog". Jake is a 16.5 year old yellow lab who lives on the greenbelt near my old home in Willow Creek. When I wrote that post, I described Jake as the dog who won't give up. And Jake is indeed that - a survivor. Today on my way home from dropping Zack off at school, I walked by Jake's house. And he was still there - eating his breakfast from a bowl in the back yard. I called out to him and he obviously heard me as he turned his head to look from where his name was called. His owner - Eleanor, also heard me call his name. She came out to talk me. Unfortunately, what she told me was sad. Jake is scheduled to be put down. Though he has the determination to keep living - he has become very infirmed and his owners can no longer provide the care he needs. Jake is going to get one last trip to the mountains this weekend. My deepest hope is that while he is in the mountains he will go on that final trip to the puppy-dog paradise. I hope he can go on his own accord without people deciding his end. You have a great soul and spirit Jake. You were a wonderful friend. I know there will be plenty of your puppy friends waiting to welcome you - Devon, Dobin, Blossom, Bridie, Abby, Pal, "brown" Jake - and many others. Peace to you Jake!

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