Monday, February 23, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

Today was another “d-day” for Zack. I had 2 different parent teacher conferences today. The first was with his 4th grade teacher at Willow Creek and the second was with the education director at Sylvan. The conferences went pretty much as expected. His teacher has seen a lot of improvement in him since the first parent teacher conference back in November. I believe that he has pretty well dealt with a lot of the issues that came out of Patty’s passing and we are now just dealing with normal Zack issues. (In regard to that, Zack’s psychologist doesn’t feel that she needs to see him every week. We are going to keep up the every week thing until Spring Break just because the sessions are already scheduled, but after that we will go to once every other week.) The Sylvan conference was pretty perfunctory. Zack is progressing well with his course of study with them. I can see some improvement in his overall writing skill so I am pleased with what is happening with Sylvan. After Sylvan we came home and quickly got into the swing of things here. Zack had some math homework to do and I had dinner to get ready. I had planned on making a large dinner tonight of chicken stir-fry, however, I am feeling like I am picking up another illness – the stomach bug. So I ended up making Zack some pierogies for dinner and I had nothing. I am hoping that I am not getting sick but if I am, I don’t want a lot in my stomach! Then again - it could be stress, as I am feeling anxious about a particular issue right now. Between work and Zack’s parent teacher conferences, I managed to squeeze in a trip to the grocery store at lunch time. Zack and I are going to attempt to make some beef jerky this week so I picked up a beef roast. We are going to experiment with the different spices we put on the beef to see what kinds of tastes we can get. I am sure we will drive the dogs crazy as they are going to have to smell this drying beef for about 12 hours while we make the jerky. We are just going to use the oven for this attempt but if we like it we have talked about buying a dehydrator. Zack and I are both big fans of beef jerky, but it is so expensive to buy in the store. So if we can make it for ourselves it will be fun and it will save us a lot of money I am sure. Our evening doesn’t hold any major plans. Right now I am on the couch with my laptop while Zack plays his “approved” 30 minutes of Wii. He had a good day at school so he can play some video games. We will then spend sometime reading together and then I will get the little man into bed. Anyway – that’s it for the day. It is time for me to put down the laptop and relax for a little bit before it’s Zack’s bed time. Til later – thanks and peace to all!

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