Sunday, February 22, 2009

Passport Pictures for Zack

Unlike Saturday we did not have any major plans for outdoor activity. The day was a little warmer, but overcast and gray and we decided it would be a perfect day to stay low-key. One activity that I was determined to complete today was getting Zack’s passport photos taken. I want to get his passport in hand so that if I have to travel overseas for work again I will be able to take Zack with me if I chose to do so. I will be filling out the paperwork for the passport this week and then getting sent off on an expedited basis. Prior to my trip to the UK two weeks ago, I had to renew my passport as it had expired while Patty was ill. It only took 2 days to get it processed and back in my hands. We are still planning to go overseas for his spring break. This is a trip that we have talked about for a long time and I really want to make it happen for Zack. We are planning to go to France with the intent of spending most of our time in Paris. Now, I haven’t finalized all of our travel plans as of yet, but I am the kind of person who frequently does these trips by the seat of my pants. A couple of years ago I was working in Grenoble in Southern France and I decided at 5:00PM on a Friday night that I was going to go to Paris. I didn’t have train tickets or a place to stay. I managed to get back to my hotel – throw a few things in a back pack, catch a taxi to the Grenoble train station and get on board a train leaving for Paris by 6:10PM. When I arrived in Paris around 9:30PM that night, I had no idea of where I was going to stay or even what I was going to do. It was so exciting wandering around the city late at night finding a place to stay. I met a lot of interesting people along the way. Basically, I like traveling by the seat of my pants, as you never know where you will end up. Given that Zack will be going with me, I will have a plan and I WILL have a place to stay. I don’t mind sleeping in an airport, train station or on the street if need be, but I will not subject Zack to that! My tentative plan is to fly from Denver to Frankfurt on Lufthansa and then take the train to Paris. I like flying on Lufthansa as when I have used them in the past they are very reliable and I like the fact that there is a direct flight from Denver into Frankfurt. From the Frankfurt airport we can easily catch a train and head to Paris as there are several trains a day that with connections will allow you to reach Paris that afternoon. Getting Zack’s passport picture done was quite an effort! The person at Fedex/Kinko’s taking the picture had to take it about 8 times as Zack kept closing his eyes. Finally we got it done and it does indeed look a lot like a mug shot. Other than that we didn’t do too much today. We had lunch at Burger King and Zack got to play in the play area for a while. We also spent a ton of time bouncing on the trampoline. Now I am being beckoned by the Z man to come and join in a rousing game of Super Mario Galaxy. Umm… sometimes you just got to play the kids game! We hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks and peace to all!

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