Friday, January 6, 2012

Lex and Finn at Play

I have been strangely off today.  Nothing has seemed right to me.  I haven't felt right physically or mental.  Even small things like my sense of taste just haven't been right.  Though I did not suffer these side effects from the first injections of steroids I had in my back in December, it seems as the steroids I had injected yesterday have played significantly more havoc with me than I would have thought.  When I attempted to walk out of the surgical center yesterday, I could barely walk, it was quite disturbing.  I had almost no control of my left leg whatsoever.  Thankfully that side effect passed within the first 2 hours.  Perhaps these side effects are why you can only receive three of these injections per year.

Though I have much to write today, I just cannot put my mind around it.  There are many things that ran through my head of which to write about but I can't complete the thought process necessary to make this happen.  So instead of writing much I wanted to post some pictures of Lex and Finn at play.  Yesterday we ran entirely out of dog food.  And though my back didn't want me to do it, I went to Petco and got two 40lb bags of food so that I could fill up both bins of dog food.  We have two bins because Lex gets a different food than Finn.  Lex has reached the stage that he gets "the old dog" puppy food. 

In the past when I would go to Petco, Shelly would often come with me and buy the puppies a set of toys.  Since I was there I just couldn't resist - I liked keeping up the tradition that she started. I got Finn and Lex 2 wiener dog soft plushy squeak toys.  One is yellow and the other is blue.  They went nuts over them.  It was so funny to watch Finnegan as he wanted to have both of them in his mouth.  He could scarcely fit them both into his mouth so that he could close his jaw.

The following are some of the pictures that I caught of them at play this evening with their new toys!  A couple of other comments.  Finn is now just about as tall as Lex if you can believe that!  The picture of Lex with his head and neck straight up in the air is a way in which he stretches.  It is quite funny to see him do that, as he kind of looks like a wolf howling.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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