Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Attempting something new tonight.. A VLOG format!

Today's blog entry is a VLOG.  Yes - a video blog.  Please, please, please tell me what you think.  If you never want me to do this again, tell me!  I had fun doing it, but if my audience hates it, I am not going to do it!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


Anonymous said...

Bugger - I could not get it to work.
Would love to hear your voice again

tcsTenor said...

Liked the VLOG except for one thing... Can you lose the "F" word?
Thanks, Jerry!

Rilly said...

I personally prefer the written word because it would take 4-5 times longer to hear it than the minute or two to read it. Don't want to hurt your feelings, but it annoys me when a story is riddled with "uh" and were I to do a video it would be. My mouth goes too fast for my brain...kinda' like a video that runs faster than it loads. But do what works for you.

Hope your surgery goes well and takes care of your problem for good.

Shirley Morse said...

It was a nice change to see your video blog. I've never heard your voice so that was definitely interesting to me, but my preference would be a mixture -- it's nice to read your blogs and it will be nice to hear your blogs from time to time as well. From Caringbridge and your blog here, I'm definitely more familiar with your writing style, but they both have benefits. :)
Glad to hear that Zach is doing better with his anxiety. I hope the time between now and your surgery goes by quickly for you.
Take care (and it's not July...lol ;)That made me chuckle a little b/c it's so something I would say!)
Shirley Morse

Angie said...

Would prefer a mix of the two, the video was kind of long....I can read your blog in about 2-3 minutes, so 10 minute video was rather long....

Great to see and hear you again though!!

Elasti-Girl said...

Hi Jerry! Good for you to branch out and try a different medium for your blog; I'm terrified of the idea of doing a vlog lol. While I prefer to read your words and see your pictures, I enjoyed the change of pace (that coming from someone who is hearing impaired and had to pull out the 20 lb headphones to hear it- is a compliment), I would enjoy seeing them every once in a while. I enjoyed getting to know your facial mannerisms as you speak. I think that as you put more vlog posts up, the "ums" & "uhs" will decrease as you become more comfortable with the format. I disagree with tcsTenor; the f-bomb was completely appropriate in it's context. :) As was the word "douche"- that made me chuckle because it's TRUE!!! I dislike people flailing curse words about like they don't mean anything- there is an art to placing a word where it belongs- and that was placed perfectly. :) I am always touched by your honesty in the blog, and was equally touched by the honesty in speaking about Shelly.
Keep it up Jerry!