Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Happy Place

Did you ever see the movie "Happy Gilmour"?  It is a movie that stars Adam Sandler as hockey player who takes up golf.  Of course with Adam Sandler in it, the movie is a comedy.  It's a very rough and somewhat vulgar movie, but it is a movie that causes me to laugh my ass off anytime I see it.

The relevance of "Happy Gilmour" to this blog post is about a concept that his golf coach uses to get him to settle down when he putts.  (Putting is Happy's weakness.  He can hit the long ball on the fairways but once he gets on the green he screws up.)  His coach tells Happy to go to his happy place - pun definitely intended.  Happy's happy place involves him mentally zoning out and imagining a perfect world for himself.  In his perfect world, there is a midget riding a wooden rocking horse, his grandma is there playing a slot machine and she hits the big jackpot and Happy's girlfriend is there dressed up in this slinky lingerie with two pitchers of beer for him.

Yeah - it is definitely a little bit strange I know, but it totally fits the humor of the movie.  For whatever reason I was thinking of this today and it made me think of "my happy place".  It it kind of weird but whenever I find myself under stress or feeling unhappy I like to go to my happy place and zone the entire world out around me.  I am probably a tab bit strange in what my happy place is, but I guess it has to be unique for everyone.

My happy place is imagined.  It is a combination of places that I have been in life for real, but it is not an exact place.  So my happy place is far in the wilderness - a place where there is no civilization or signs of mankind.  As I picture it in my head it reminds of a place in the Grand Teton mountains of Wyoming.  I imagine myself standing on a high bluff that is covered with pine trees and the land slopes down in front of you to a river far below.  If it is the Grand Tetons it would be the Snake River.  All you can see from the top of this bluff is an endless pine forest stretching away to the horizon.  There are undulating hills in front of me and each is covered by the think forest of pines.  Immediately in front of me at the bottom of the bluff is a wide but shallow river with lots of small rocks in the river bed and along the sides of the river.  There is probably a good 20 - 30 feet of flat land from the edge of the forest to the river that is covered by rounded smoothed river rock.  The day is cloudy, windy and cold and there is the hint of the first major snow storm in the air.  The clouds are scurrying across the sky as they are pushed by the strong wind.  As you look farther away from the point on which I stand, visibility decreases as there are snow squalls in the air.  There is an utter silence to the spot except for the sound of the wind whistling through the pine trees.  Yes - it is desolate and unforgiving, but it is a place where I can find peace and calmness.

I don't often put questions out to my readers but...  If you won't mind leave a comment and tell me what your "happy place" is like.  I would love to know how my happy place shapes up against what other people think.

One other note along that line - I know I get a fair number of visitors to this blog from other countries than the United States of America.  If you visit my blog from another country please leave me a comment as I am a travel and geography nut and love to hear where people are from!

As for our day - it has been a low key day for us as my leg, hip and back have been in agony.  I have less than 48 hours until I can take the "boot" off for good!  My physical therapist tells me things will start moving in a much better direction within a week of being out of the "boot".  I can not flipping wait!!  So with the colder weather today, we only ventured out of the house to do some shopping at WalMart for some supplies for around the house.  Other than that it was work time around the house and a good bit of relaxation.  I am so sick of the relaxation, but I can't do much about it at this point because I have a really hard time walking.  But that is going to change really soon!  Yippee!!

Well - I hope everyone had a great Saturday and isn't sick of turkey leftovers yet!

Peace and thanks to all! ~J.

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tcsTenor said...

My happy place is in a good book! They take me lots of neat places!!