Sunday, November 6, 2011

Big Changes and a New Website -

I am not sure where to really begin today's blog posting.  Stating the obvious, there has been a big change here at 8642!  Yesterday was the day that Nancy officially moved into assisted living at Cranbrook.

Due to the fact that I am still not able to put any weight on my left foot, I had to rely upon my brother to do the final moving to get Nancy into her new home.  Thankfully there wasn't all that much to move yesterday as we had already moved a lot in the previous weeks.  I am especially thankful to both Tim and Shelly for doing all the work that has been done in the previous weeks to get everything moved in and set up.

Zack had an appointment with one of his psychologist's yesterday so Tim did the moving while Zack and I were out of the house at the appointment.  After the appointment Zack and I took a drive so that I could keep Zack from getting under foot during the move process.  We left his psychologist's office and headed west from Denver along I-70.  We went as far west as Idaho Springs and then headed into the the mountains along the Mt. Evans Highway.  Because of the start of the winter season, the Mount Evan's Highway is closed at Echo Lake, so we continued on Highway 103 over Juniper and Squaw Peak passes until we came out at Bergen Park.  From there we hooked up with I-70 and drove home.  It was a beautiful drive as there was a major snow storm swirling around to the west and we saw some really great cloudscapes with snow spilling out of them.

The change with Nancy's move offers us all opportunities for lots of positive change.  It is funny as I spoke to Nancy via the phone early today and she probably had more to say to me in one conversation than she had had to say in months.  I know at this point she is depressed and missing the environment here at home, but she had a lot of activities today that I think did her a lot of good.  She spent time talking with numerous people her age, she got to know her way around Cranbrook and she spent a bunch of time looking out her window.  Her unit is on the 3rd floor of Cranbrook and it directly overlooks the main entrance.  So just by sitting there and looking out the window she can see all the of the comings and goings - which is certainly a lot more than she sees going on around here on Otero Place.  Even just watching what is going on I think will help keep her mind sharp and engaged with what is going on.

We all have some change and transition to get used to as a result of Nancy's move.  But it obviously provides us an opportunity for positive changes.  I can't speak for Nancy, but for Zack and me there is some sadness with the change, but I really think it is going to provide the platform for a lot of really good things for us.  I know already it is allowing Zack to take more responsibility.  Since I can't use my left leg he is having to do a lot more around the house now that Nancy is at Cranbrook.  Today I taught him how everything there is to know about washing clothes and he washed our laundry for us - how cool is that.  Zack is learning lots and lots of responsibility and for that I am very glad and I am very proud of him!

Over the next several weeks Zack and I are going to do everything we can to make Nancy feel good, positive and happy about her move to Cranbrook as I believe in the long run, living in Cranbrook is going to add years to her life and life to her years!

On a totally different note as I write today's blog entry I am watching NFL football on the TV.  Have you noticed how many NFL players have these absolutely absurd looking beards.  What kind of fashion statement is that?  These beards are so absolutely out of control that a bird could make a nest in there and no one would be any the wiser.  Personally, I have never been a big beard person and having a beard the size of some of these guys beards would drive me nuts.  It has to be so darn itchy and scratchy! Their beards put the Amish and Mennonites to shame!  Take a grooming hint guys - those beards look silly - get rid of them.

And I can't forget some big news for me....  I launched my own website this week.  It isn't a blog, it is a website dedicated to the mountain passes of Colorado.  As you all know I am kind of rabid about being outdoors in Colorado.  I wanted to launch a website that had something to do with the outdoors of Colorado and so many other areas are written about on websites I wanted to start something that no one was writing about.  Please check out the new website about Colorado Mountains Passes.  The address is

I hope everyone has had a great weekend.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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