Friday, June 10, 2011


Recently I haven't much of a need to write.  But for some reason this Friday night I feel that I have a need to write but the problem is I haven't a thing to write about.  We have had no interesting adventures today and there is nothing that is so pressing upon my mind that I have to put it words for the world to see.  Regardless I feel like I need to write.

This is an interesting predicament for me as I am usually never at a loss for words.  I suppose I could tell a humorous story about Finnegan that occurred today.  Our neighborhood is continuously being "papered" by people who come around and put door hangers on your front door.  Today instead of having the kind that hang from your door handle they were taping the advertisement to your door.  Part of my front door is glass and Finnegan could see this advertisement blowing in the wind.  He just could not figure out what it was.  He sat in front of the door and just did his little high pitched puppy growl.  He must have sat there for 30 - 45 minutes going "grrrrrrr" at this fluttering piece of paper.  Lex heard him growling and came over to investigate.  He took one look at what Finnegan was growling at and just walked away - he couldn't be bothered.

I was quite amused by it all so I let him continue to growl and make a fuss over that piece of paper.  It wasn't until Zack returned home from a bike ride with two of his friends that I decided to pull it off the door.   When Zack walked in the house with his friends Finnegan unfortunately went into a state of panic as he felt overwhelmed by Zack's 2 friends who were with him.  So - he had a little accident all over the floor.  Thankfully it was only on the hardwood floor so it was very easily cleaned up.  I wish I could get Finn to be a little less fearful but that just seemed to be baked into his personality at this point.  Hopefully as he gets a little older he will become less fearful.  Regardless he is still the cutest little puppy in the world to both Zack and me!

Well - I guess that is about it for the night as I really don't have anything else to say.  But it felt good to write something.  The weekend looks pretty busy for us but with any luck I will start the day with a bike ride tomorrow morning!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thanks and peace to all! ~ J.


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tcsTenor said...

That's being submissive,not fearful. Absolutely normal puppy behavior.