Friday, June 24, 2011

My weekend as a Chauffeur!

The main goal of my life for this weekend is to be a chauffer!  The work began this afternoon when I took Zack to "Camp Comfort" which is being held at the Easter Seals camp outside of Idaho Springs.  This is a camp to help kids who have experienced the loss of a parent.  The intention of the camp is to help them express some of their grief and also to meet other kids who are in a similar position.

Tomorrow I will be heading back into the mountains to pick up my college roommate Allen who is completing Bicycle Tour Colorado tomorrow in Central City.  The really busy day is going to be Sunday when I need to drop Allen off at the airport by 10:00AM and then pick Zack up at the Easter Seals camp by Noon.  I will certainly be doing a lot of running around on Sunday.

I really hope that this camp does Zack a lot of good.  He is being pressed very hard by both psychologists he sees to make serious progress in overcoming his anxiety and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  My hope is that the camp will give him the permission to let himself grieve over the loss of Patty.  In many ways he really has never been able to get the grief out of his system.  So anything that helps to "pull" the grief out of him is a very good thing!

Besides running around a lot I hope to get some serious work done at home tomorrow and Sunday.  I have some really big goals that I am working very hard to meet and I want to make substantial progress on them over this weekend.  Then with Allen being in town on Saturday night I plan on taking him downtown and hitting the town.  It is somewhat humorous actually...  Allen is one of my very best friends in life and we have known each over for 27 years.  Yet when I met Allen all those years ago he had not yet "come out".  He did that our senior year in college and though for some people that might create a wedge in their friendship - especially since we were roommates - I think it made us better friends - because up to that point he had never been able to be honest about his life.

So - the humorous part of the weekend is that I am trying to find some gay bars to take Allen out to on Saturday night.  When we both lived in Pittsburgh I would sometimes carouse the bars with him and it was always very funny when other guys at the establishments found out that I am not gay.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that...  quoting the Seinfeld show)  No one is ever hostile it is just amusing the statement you will get - "You are playing for the wrong team", etc, etc.  So we usually have a good laugh over it.  So if I ever find a place to take him, I am sure there will be some humorous stories to tell on Sunday.   I know not everyone will approve of what I just wrote, but Allen is a great person and a good friend and we can have a fun no matter what we get up to. 

Well - I better end today's post before I get myself into too much trouble by saying other silly things!

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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