Saturday, March 13, 2010

Living with Four Dogs

This weekend we have been blessed with a copious quantity of dogs in our house - FOUR!  Yes we have four dogs in our house this weekend!  It is at times like this that I definitely realize you can have too many dogs!

We have the additional 2 dogs because my brother's family is in Vail staying with friends.  Normally when Tim, Celinde and Cole go to the mountains they stay in their own place in Silverthorne and take their dogs.  They own a place about 3 miles away from the condo that Zack and I have.  But since they are staying at a friend's place in Vail they didn't have the option to take the dogs.  So we ended up with 4 dogs for the weekend.

It is always an adventure having all 4 dogs here in our house.  Though they get along very well they each bring different personalities to the little pack that they form.  Bay kinds of checks out and just finds a quiet place to sleep and get away from the hustle and bustle of the other three.  Lex is totally inspired by having Ray and Lulu here.  He is constantly mixing it up with Lulu in terms of trying to prove which of them is the dominant pup.  Ray becomes a needy little puppy who wants constant attention from me.  When he is away from his 'parents' he just wants my attention.  Lulu is the ultimate hell raiser who is always in the mood for causing some kind of issue.  When she is here, she becomes the huntress, going after every squirrel in the yard and terrorizing them (and occasionally eating them!).

(The pack - from left to right - Lulu, Ray, Bailey and Lex)

So we definitely have an adventurous weekend ahead of us with a house of pups!

We hope you all have a fun and adventurous weekend too!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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