Monday, March 8, 2010

Cherry Creek State Park Photography

On Sunday afternoon Zack and I took a trip to Cherry Creek State Park to do a hike. The hike wan't anything special, but I also took my camera and took what I thought were some really good shots. It is hard to tell the quality of these photos as Blogspot doesn't allow you to post with a huge file size. But when seen at full size on my monitor I think they are pretty are darn good.

On a side note... if anyone who reads this blog knows how to post large sized pictures on blogspot, can you drop me an e-mail with some pointers! ;-)

Anyway, here are some the photos I really liked. Enjoy!!
(Lex free and unleashed - running through the dried grasses that line the lake)

(The stark beauty of the white tree trunks against the sky and dead, but colorful grasses)

(Zack attempting to walk through the muck that is the trail in certain spots)

(The size of this picture on the blog doesn't do it justice! This is an awesome picture when seen in full detail... at least in my opinion - LOL!)
(Lex in his glory!)

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Tina Sommers said...

LOVE the pics, especially Lex. Dogs have such a special place in my heart. Hope you and the Z man are enjoying time outside, I know I cannot wait until we can start to hike again.