Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Things I Don't Understand

*** I’ve been writing this and the next post for the last several days and I wanted to get them out there as soon as possible.  Some of my writing has been rushed as I have been doing this late at night and at odd hours because my work schedule is insane!  For example I have to be up at 3:00AM tomorrow for a conference call.  Talk about nuts!  Anyway – please forgive the typos and grammatical errors as I wanted to get these posted in the midst of the US political convention season.*****

I am planning on writing a series of posts over the next several months call “Things I Don’t Understand”.  These posts will ask a series of questions that ask “Why do people think this way, because I just don’t understand it?”  My point in writing these posts is to call out things that are absurd, hypocritical or just logically flawed.  There is so much craziness going on in this world and so much of it is caused by individuals taking stands that run absolutely counter to what is good for them or what is good for the nation or the world at large.  Many of these posts are going to generate controversy as they will espouse specific viewpoints on the problems that plague the world today.  

If you have a problem with what I write – please post a comment.  I appreciate the dialog.  However don’t hide behind a label of being anonymous.  That is just being a scaredy-cat.  My name is attached to every blog post that I write, so please comment but attach your name to it – let the world know your views.  

My next post will cover the first topic I don’t understand

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