Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Just A Game....

I make no bones about the fact that I am a Pittsburgh Steeler Football fan.  Teasing others about the fact that the Steelers have won more Super Bowls than other team is great fun.  However - it is just a game.  There is no purpose behind football other fun.  It isn't serious to me and I don't experience a great let down when my team loses.

On the other hand, I live in a city that seems to take it's football team very seriously.  Two weekend ago when the Broncos beat the Steelers I was amazed to read some of the posts people put on Facebook.  The one that threw me for a loop the most was made by someone who isn't even a friend of mine.  I look at his status updates for the humor of it.  (No he doesn't post funny status updates he just takes himself so seriously that his posts are humorous.)  This particular post the Monday after the Broncos won basically said that his life was so much better that day because the Broncos won on Sunday evening.  Yikes - that would be kind of depressing to me if football wins and losses effected me in that any.

My point in all of this is - don't take it so seriously folks.  Football is a game.  There is nothing intrinsically important about it.  When we put football players and coaches on a pedestal just because they can play a game well we end up with horrible things like the Penn State Football program and the coverup of crimes.  Or we end up with bad men who think they can do whatever they want.  There have been so many incidents of football players who do bad things and end up in trouble with the law.

It's enjoyable to sit down and watch a football game, I will not deny that.  But does it make sense for us for the owners and players to be paid the crazy salaries that they are paid?  Football is strictly an American sport - so does it make sense to have these kinds of salaries for a sport that no other country in the world understands?

Obviously I have an opinion on the questions that I have put out there, even if you don't agree with all my viewpoints, hopefully you can at least understand that it is just a game and it shouldn't sway your opinion of whether life is good or not.

As for me the Steelers lost the first game and then won their second game.  Frankly I didn't feel a whit of difference.  For me life is good and football doesn't play too much of a factor in it.

On a not good note, here is something that has made me feel not so good.  Bob - one of the family friends who visited us 2 weeks ago has taken ill and is currently in the hospital.  I don't have all the details of what is going on, but please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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