Friday, April 6, 2012

Make it Mobile

I am not sure exactly how this is going turn out. This evening I down loaded the iPhone version of Blogger and I am writing today's blog post from the light rail as Zack and I head down town. We are heading to the Nugget's game game against the Phoenix Suns.

I don't have a lot to say today as I am really using this as a test run for the App. The train is very crowded as there are a lot of people heading to the game and downtown to party. The general atmosphere on the train tonight is like one big party. We are looking forward to the game!

The other big news for the day is that I am headed back to the hospital tomorrow for yet another MRI. The neurosurgeon will have the results on Monday and I expecting not good news. We had always talked about the possibility of a third surgery and I can't imagine the outcome could be anything else given the massive pain levels of the last week. Given that I am going to advantage of this weekend and do as much stuff as I can! So tomorrow we are heading to Rocky Mountain National Park to hunt for elk antlers. It's the time of year when they start dropping their antlers - so maybe we will find some!

That's gonna be it for the night as we are about to walk into the Pepsi Center!

Tanks and peace to all! J.

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