Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Kitchen Reveal

Despite the fact that the work on my kitchen has been done for quite a while I have resisted posting pictures of it either here or on Facebook.  My reasoning for doing this has been simply, I wanted to have everything absolutely 100% complete.  Unfortunately I am still looking for several pieces of furniture that will make the space "perfect".  Given how particular I am about the pieces of furniture for which I am looking, it might take me another several months to find them.  Therefore, I am going to go ahead and do the big reveal of what the kitchen looks like.

Without further adieu here are a number of pictures that show the layout and style of the kitchen.  You'll quickly be able to tell one of the reasons it took so long for this work to complete is the exceedingly intricate and extensive amount of tile and natural rock that was used throughout.  Sometimes I think the tile/rock guys were going insane due to the amount of "puzzle" solving they needed to do to put it all together.  In the end the beauty and functionality of the kitchen have been well worth the amount of time and effort that it took to complete this project.

(View towards the fireplace.)

(The image on the TV is there because I was using the flash on my camera.  The couch on the left is going to go into the TV area in the basement and I am going to get a set of chairs for that spot.)

(View towards the stove.)

(This area used to be mostly enclosed and was my pantry.  Now it is open and is used as a "butler's pantry". )

(I will say...  I love the refrigerator!) 

(The stove - it is a dual cavity gas stove.)

(The wine on the table is a Christmas gift from my cleaning ladies.  Note the sliding glass door - prior to the construction that was a box window seat.  There used to be two other doors, one to the immediate right of the sliding glass door and one to the left of the stove.  Those areas have been walled in and windows used to replace the upper half of what was the door.)

(Finn taking a break in one of his favorite spots.  This area needs more furniture and art work on the wall to make it complete.)

There are lots of stylistic comments that can be made about the kitchen.  Many of you will not like the style and decor that I have utilized in this space.  Regardless it works for Zack and me!

We are very happy with this new space in our house.  It has totally transformed the entire look and feel of almost the entire house.  Besides modernizing the look it is also inspiring me to keep the rest of the house almost spotless on a day-to-day basis.  I am doing a lot more house work than I have ever done before!

There is more that I want to write about the house in general as there have been some tremendous transformations in the place in the last year.  But I will save those updates for a later date.

It's now Thursday evening and I am utterly exhausted by a week of very early morning conference calls and not enough sleep.  I am sure I will sleep like a rock this evening as I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open even as I type.

Despite being tired I managed to catch up with an old friend of mine who is in town on work this evening.  Rahul and I have known each other for about 8 years as we started working together in 2004.  Back then we were in very different positions as he was based in India and I had a totally different set of responsibilities with my company.  It is so good when I can catch up with old friends as that doesn't happen too often.  Most of my close friends are spread out all over the world so getting the chance to spend time with one of them is fantastic!

Well - I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead.  I know Zack and I are definitely looking forward to it.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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