Saturday, August 27, 2011

Did that Really Happen?? Yeah - I Just Put in an Offer on a New House!

When you wake up in the morning you usually have a pretty good idea of what you are going to do for the day.  Rarely do events totally and completely surprise you and take you to a place that you never suspected.  When I woke up this morning I hadn't the slightest clue where today was going to take me.

First off, I woke up in a horrible mood.  Events of yesterday - which I am not going to go into details about left me in an extremely foul mood.  After waking around 8:00AM I decided that the day wasn't worth it and I hightailed it back to bed around 10:30AM.  My goal was to sleep as much of the day way as was humanly possible.  Unfortunately my slumber was interrupted around 11:00AM by a call from my real estate agent.  Back in the late winter/early spring of 2011, when I had been heavily involved with Shelly, I had commissioned my real estate agent to show me pretty much everything that came on the market so that we could buy a new house.  Later after Shelly left the scene I changed my qualifications to Roberta (my real estate agent) and asked only to see houses that were on one of the greenbelts, had a walk out basement and were thorough renovated throughout.

Prior to today, there had only been one house that met these qualifications and I wasn't too enamored with it.  Roberta's call at 11:00AM this morning sparked my interest and I decided it was the pick me up that I needed to pull myself out of my foul mood.  Regardless of whether or not this house would work for me I decide it was a reason to get out of bed and do something with my day.

First I checked the house out on the Internet and I was blown away - it was gorgeous.  My interest was definitely piqued at this point.  Zack and I had a bunch of errands to do as we were totally out of dog food and a bunch of other staples.  As we left the neighborhood to run these errands I saw that there was an open house that was being hosted by the agent selling the house that I was interested in.  Of course it WAS the house that I was interested in so Zack and I just had to go in and explore.  It was everything I wanted!!  Zack was so excited by the thought of living in this house.  I phoned Roberta back and told her I was interested in the house and would most likely make an offer.

The rest of the afternoon seemed to crawl by.  Finally the time arrived when I was to meet Roberta at the house.  We meet up and walked the house from one end to another.  I explained all the things I like to Roberta and she explained what it meant in terms of price.  At the end of our 20 minutes in the house I had concluded I was going to make an offer on this house.

After we were finished looking at the house we headed to Roberta's office and came up with a contract.  I wrote the check for the earnest money and I signed the contract.  I should know by 4:00PM Sunday whether or not this house will be mine.  If this house is to be mine there are some key decision to be made.  Such as - what do I do with my current house?  What does Nancy do - as there is no first floor bedroom.  All-in-all I am quite excited by the turn of events.  Had anyone told me 24 hours ago that I would be putting a bid out for a new house - I would have told them they were full of crap.  But here I am...  Looking forward to acquiring a new house and moving in a different direction in life.

Thanks and peace to all!


Anonymous said...

Well? Did you get it? It is really a beautiful house and I wish you all the best there. I just hope Nancy is ok. Does she need to be with you or is this something you did for Patty?

Lisa in NJ

Anonymous said...

So how much? And where? Story is boring otherwise.