Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boring Saturday....

For the first time in a long time I have had a boring Saturday!  Recently I have spent most of my Saturday's working my butt off on projects here at the house.  If I wasn't working on the house I was doing something fun like being in the mountains with Zack or taking a very long bike ride or something like that.  Today I was tired and I just didn't have the drive to get busy on my projects here at home.  (I stayed out way too late last night at a party!)

We did a bunch of shopping today and got our hair cut but both Zack and I were tired so we really didn't push it too hard to do much.  I guess you need days like this every so often but given the pace that we have been moving this summer, it has been a highly unusual day for us.

Since Zack got to have such a fun evening the other day with his sleep over, I made him do a bunch of his summertime homework today.  He wasn't too happy about that but at least he got to do when I went out to go shopping.  I had a bunch of things to buy at the container store to help with overall organization and Zack would have rather had a few teeth pulled then go with me to do more shopping as I had already made him go to WalMart with me for an hour today.

What is kind of funny about all of this with Zack is I am really starting to see some growth in him in terms of taking responsibility for stuff.  He may not want to go shopping but he is taking his summer homework seriously and has really stepped up his performance on his chores.  I am proud of him as he is starting to mature in ways that are long over due but unexpected yet the same.  Needless to say I am very happy about this!

I am basking in the glow of some substantial accomplishments on the house.  The garage doors were installed on Thursday and look excellent!  Hopefully we will have one evening soon without rain and I will be back to get out and paint them.  If I can avoid it I would rather not paint them in the middle of the day due to the heat.  But if it must be that way, then I will just suck it up and do it.  The basement is ready for the new entertainment center and home theater.  I will be buying the cabinets within the next week and then my brother will be installing them when he is back from vacation.

More changes in are in the offing - on Friday I signed the contract with a concrete contractor to do the front patio and walk.  That is a couple of weeks off just because of their schedule but it is agreed to and work will begin in a couple of weeks.  I am still debating the proposal I have on the table concerning the expansion of the garage and the build out of a mud room.  While I was lying in bed this morning thinking before I got up I had a brainstorm - but it will probably add substantial cost to that project.   I am giving serious consideration to having a "wine room" built as part of the mud room expansion.  That would be very cool and given the quantity of wine that I frequently now have around the house it would be quite desirable.  I don't know if I will do it or not, but it is something to kick around in my brain for a bit. 

And with that I am going to wrap it up for the night....  Had a major something come up which has totally moved my train of thought elsewhere.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


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NanaRose said...

Be sure and post photos as you make improvements. I think a wine room sounds great. Look around the pubs for some good ideas and then pick one and go with it.