Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Projects - Photographs!

Whew - it was another busy day around our house today.  The day started early and as a result I had to pull Zack out of bed by the ankles.  He has another camp this week and we have to leave the house by 7:55 and getting him out of bed has been like pulling teeth.  So at 7:10AM he was still sleeping soundly so I turned all 4 dogs loose on him.  Lulu, Finn and Ray attempted to lick him to death which only brought peels of laughter from him but no movement.  So we reverted to plan B and he was pulled out of bed by his ankles.  It's much harder to do now than when he was 7 or 8, but I still manage to get him out of bed.

After dropping Zack off at his camp I stopped for an Einstein's bagel and drink before heading home.  By the time I got home half of my front patio was already destroyed as the guys from the concrete company arrived shortly after I left the house.  They moved quickly but for some reason they thought they could get away without having to use a jackhammer.  That would be a big fat NO - as there are some fairly large sections of solid concrete.  While 2 of them continued working on the brick portion of the walk and patio, the other guy went off to company HQ and got the jackhammer.  It was pretty amazing how quickly they worked as all the removal of old bricks and concrete was completed by noon.  They spent the afternoon cleaning the area up, setting up the concrete forms and putting down a layer of fine gravel for the concrete base.

They won't be back to finish until Thursday as they are laying concrete at another job site tomorrow.  But on Thursday all they need to do is put down the rebar, lay the concrete, do the stamping and it should be done with the exception of sawing the joints and putting down a protective clear coating.  Hopefully with any luck all will be completed by the weekend so that I can get a start on the landscaping work for the front border around the walk.

The following pictures are of the work that has been done.  The first two are of the what remains of the front patio and the third is a picture of the new garage doors.  There is a bunch of stuff in front of the one garage door because we had to remove everything from the front patio so that the work could be done.  I think once you add in the work to the landscaping that I am going to do and the curb appeal of the house has gone up substantially!

Once the work on the entertainment center in the basement is complete I will get those pictures posted also.  That will take care of the major projects that are currently scheduled right now.  I am still going back and forth on the garage and mud room expansion but I will definitely make a decision by the time we come back from vacation.

There are a couple of painting projects that I also hope to get done in the next several days/week.  I am going to be painting one wall in my bedroom brown.  I am still researching the exact shade but I want a warm brown color that adds some diversity to the setting sun yellow that the room is currently painted.  My thoughts are also wandering to painting the wall behind the entertainment center brown.  I think this will really make the big screen TV stand out very significantly.  I am still debating that one, but hope to decide that within the next several days.

That's about it for this Tuesday evening.  We survived the severe storms that rolled through here about an hour ago.  We had some marvelous amounts of rain and some great lightening - but in the end the storms weren't too bad.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


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