Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ups and Downs

Tonight I am writing my blog entry from my bedroom.  In what is becoming the "new normal" I am sitting here on my bed with my laptop on my lap as Finnegan is curled up beside me.  He is such an affectionate dog!  Once Zack and Lex have gone to bed in Zack's bedroom, Finn will normally come and find me and curl up right beside me.  He is so funny as he practically tries to melt into me.  Oh how I love this little puppy of mine. 

It's hard to believe but Finn is now 7 months old I would guess.  We don't know exactly when he was born as we got him from an animal rescue league and they didn't know when he was born.  The best guess is that he was born sometime around the middle of October of 2010.  Given his age he has become a "teenage" old and is definitely making his own way through life.  Regardless, he remains an affectionate and loving puppy who dispenses his love to everyone in the family.

So one to my the title of today's blog entry - "Ups and Downs".  What do I mean by that?  Well - I am talking about the ups and downs of life.  This weekend has brought me a set of downs that have been hard for me to swallow, but I haven't had a choice.  Last weekend brought me a very nice set of ups that were definitely enjoyed.  Regardless of whether we are on the up or the down, we need to find ways to manage it all.  Today's management of the down meant that Zack and I spent the day just hanging out.  He loved it!  We played video games and watched a lot of TV.  It was a low-key, relaxing day for us, but we both needed it to correct the down that we experienced.  Hopefully our day of relaxation and play did it's job and has made us ready for the week ahead.  (As the adult - I also added a few alcoholic drinks to the mix to make the day better.  :-)  )

Things have been really busy for us of late and that is the primary reason I haven't been updating the blog that much.  When I have had the time to write I have spent most of it writing for my other blog - 365 Things To Do In and And Around Denver.  I maintain that blog on Facebook.  Hopefully in the coming weeks as Zack's school schedule winds down for the year things will get a little easy and I will have time to keep both blogs updated.  I was definitely spurred to action today by one of my Facebook followers who commented on the fact that I hadn't updated this blog in so long!

I will be sure to update several times later this week as things are always going on around here!

Thanks and peace to all! ~ J.


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