Monday, May 16, 2011

The First Walk post Fibula Fracture

Today was the day I finally felt like I could do it.  I managed to get out and take over a 2 mile walk on my gimpy left leg.  This means that I am no longer so gimpy!  Yes - the Orthopedic Doctors did give me the go ahead in my last appointment with them to start walking and hiking.  The caveat that they offered was to only do it if it felt right.  Today was the first day it actually felt right. 

Running is still probably a month way so I believe that will limit my ability to run in races like the Steamboat Spring half marathon and even the Slacker Half marathon.  (It is probably better for me to skip the Slacker Half marathon as that race is pretty much an entirely down hill course.  There would be nothing worse to do to my newly healed left leg by running it down hill. Yeah - My stress fracture would be back quicker than I could say lickety-split.)

Regardless it felt really good to get out of the house and do some serious walking.  It is amazing how used to action your body becomes and then we you take it away how crappy things feel.  With any luck I will have no backward steps in my recovery and can continue to get stronger!

Not much else going on around the Kromer household these days.  Zack had to stay late at school today and take the late bus home so that he could finish some work for Science.  Nancy made a trip out to the store and the dogs and me pretty much hung around all day.  When I should caveat that a bit - as I actually did real money making word for IBM, whereas Lex and Finn simply did money-destroying activities by chewing up things that they shouldn't.

Oh well - I guess that is a typical dad in the Kromer household - nothing too different.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


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