Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Sick Puppy...

Our morning started out with a bang...  Or perhaps I should say with a hideous smell!  Our little puppy Finnegan was sick as the proverbial dog.  Last night as he was lying on the floor in the family room he was making some horrific stinkies.  At one point I had to get up and walk out of the room as he stunk me out of the place.

This morning we followed our normal routine and as soon as I got up I put Lex and Finn outside to do their business.  What was unusual is that Finn did both aspects of his business - which is highly unusual.  He act his breakfast like normal, scarfing it down as quickly as could be.  About 30 minutes later the nastiness began.  He was upstairs in my room playing and suddenly his behind was exploding!  It was spontaneous and unplanned on his part you could tell but he literally exploded. 

I got him outside as quickly as I could while I went to work cleaning up the nastiness.  Needless to say Stanley Steemer is going to be paying a visit to our house in the very near future!  After everything was calmed down and cleaned up I headed out to the gym as I did not go on my team-in-training run this morning.  Before heading to the gym I wasn't taking any chances and put Finn in his kennel. 

As soon as I walked back in the house from the gym I knew something very bad had happened in Finn's kennel and sure enough it was coated with both stuff from both ends.  As soon as I got him cleaned up and outside and the kennel taken care of, I called the vet.  Once I mentioned that he was both throwing up and had diarrhea, they wanted to see him as quickly as possible.  So Zack and I packed up Finn and got him to the vet as quickly as possible.  (If a dog is both throwing up and has diarrhea, the are concerned that they might have an intestinal blockage.)

Finn ended up spending the majority of the day at the vet for observation and evaluation.  In the end run they couldn't pinpoint any particular source of the problem so they gave him a shot to prevent him from throwing up and sent him home with some antibiotics and a special diet.  He had one major explosion as soon as we got home but thankfully that was outside.  Since then he has been fine.  You can tell he is not feeling well though as he has done absolutely nothing but sleep and didn't mind that he only got 3 tablespoons of food for dinner.  Even as I type this he is curled up here on the floor right beneath me.

Otherwise it was a day of exercise for me as I did a great workout at the gym and then went on a hike with Zack.  We went back to one of our favorite spots - Hidden Mesa Open Space in Douglas County.  I was surprise to find that much of this open space had been closed for a good part of the summer and fall due to the presence of plague in the prairie dog population that lives there.  Thankfully with the present cold weather there isn't any chance of the plague being present.

Zack has really been struggling with his anxiety over the last several days.  Today was good as I got him active and we spent a lot of time talking about the situation.  Sometimes that is all that is needed.  I just want to get him into a good position for the school week ahead.  This evening Zack had one of his friends over for a movie night so that helped him get off of his anxiety focus.

Well - I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


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