Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pinewood Derby Outcome and lots of other things

For those of you who didn’t catch my minute-by-minute updates regarding the Pinewood Derby on Facebook – here’s the summary…. For a while the outcome of the Pinewood Derby was in doubt. However, Zack’s car (the Mach Z) came out on top and Zack won the trophy for the fastest car in the Webelos I Den. This is the third year out of 4 that Zack has won the fastest car in his Den.
You have to love Facebook. Since I have an iPhone I can provide up to the second updates on what Zack and I are doing via the Facebook application for the iPhone. In my opinion it is so very cool! On Sunday we returned to our hiking ways and went out and did 3 miles on the Highline Canal. For some silly reason we decided to take Lex with us. Of course Lex loved the idea. But for Zack and I it made things a little harder. The temperature on Sunday was only 17 degrees – so we were cold as can be, even though we were all bundled up. Holding Lex’s leash doesn’t allow you to have gloves or mittens on your handles so both Zack and I had ice cubes for hands. Zack wanted to hold Lex’s leash for the majority of the walk. I figured “Why not?” Unfortunately for Zack, Lex decided more times than not that he wanted to take off. Well – as much as Zack held on he wasn’t going to keep Lex back. So Zack faced two choices, let go of Lex or hold on for the ride. Most of the time he just let go and Lex was off like a lightning bolt. On several occasions Zack decided to try and hold on. This meant that Zack was dragged along the ground as Lex ran full speed ahead. After a couple of times of this Zack decided it was just time to let go and catch up with Lex later. The hike was good but we certainly were happy to get back into car and get warm! Monday’s adventure was pretty low-key – Sylvan Learning Center for tutoring on writing/composition. I decided several months ago that Zack really need some help with his writing. Though he has a great vocabulary and great ideas, he really has a hard time translating the thoughts in his head onto the paper. So he is schedule to received 3 – 5 months of tutoring at Sylvan to help him write better. Though it will be a fairly large expense, it will definitely be worth it if he can improve his writing. We did not have any major adventures today except for dinner at one of Zack’s favorite restaurant – Gunther Toody’s. It isn’t anything special – it is a 50’s style hamburger joint that makes great shakes and hamburgers. Zack got his favorite shake – a Butterfinger’s shake. He loves Butterfingers. He was only able to finish half of it, so I got the rest. I did have one unique thing happen this evening. After I had completed my work for the day, I decided to take a run/walk along the Highline Canal near Arapahoe and University. There is a large park there along the canal. In the gather gloom of the setting sun, I spied a lone coyote just sitting in the middle of a field in the park. It was really quite neat as he saw me and didn’t do a thing. He didn’t run – he just sat there. Though coyotes have a bad reputation around here, he was amazing cute. I stood there for several minutes just watching him before I got too cold and had to move on. It is great to encounter wildlife anywhere! Til later – thanks and peace to all!

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