Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hiking Pictures

I meant to post these pictures with yesterday's blog entry, however before I could do I needed to edit the pictures and reduce their file size. I didn't get that done yesterday before I posted, so here they are.
We got out and took a hike yesterday (Saturday - 3 January 2009) on the far western reaches of the Highline Canal near Roxborough State Park. The weather was extremely nasty and we froze our behinds off. Despite the snow and cold temperatures we had a very fun time. Zack was imagining the whole time and spun this elaborate tale that we were hunting the evil guy "Cypher". It was fun for both of us. I take my video camera with us on all of our hikes so we ended up filming a good bit of his adventure. I hope to edit some of that film and eventually post it on to YouTube.
Back to the pictures... all of these pictures were taken on our Spruce Mountain Hike. We stopped at many of the most scenic points along the cliff that ring the mesa and took pictures. Zack is doing a pretty good job taking pictures of me, but he still has a little bit to learn - so all the pictures of me by myself are somewhat questionable in nature.

Tomorrow is back to school and work for most of us. I hope it goes well for everyone!


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