Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pinewood Derby Day!

Yes - it has finally arrived. After days and weeks of preparation - today is Pinewood Derby Day. I intend to win!! Oh - that's right it is supposed to be a race for the Cub Scouts. Somehow though it kind of feels like it is my car as I did most of the work.
Though I want Zack to do some of the work, I really don't want him cutting off a finger or two as we prepare for it. There are quite a few sharp tools used in the construction of a Pinewood Derby car, so the opportunity to loss a digit is definitely there.
Without futher ado - here is this year's Mach Z.
Here are a couple of design notes about this years model. First if you notice the white marks on some of the tires that is from application of car polish to make the wheels slicker. Additionally if you notice that the weights on the top are not perfectly aligned, that is because I am using the weights to help "steer" the car. Due to my inability to perfectly align the wheels, the car tended to drift to the right. By putting more weight to the left, I was helping to correct the drift. Having your car go 100% straight is probably the key thing in terms of winning the race. If you drift to either side then you will rub up against the side of the track.
We are off to get ready to go. We have to check-in at 11:00AM and the races begin at 1:00PM. I be sure to update and let everyone know how we did.
Til later - peace!

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