Sunday, December 7, 2008

Plans for Adventure.

My goals as a parent are pretty simple. I want Zack to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. I want him to be morally good and to respect people. I want him to be happy and as successful as he can be. (No - that doesn't mean I want him to be president of the US, a CEO or really rich. I want him to have goals in his life and I want him to be able to accomplish them.) Given the situation that Zack and I have found ourselves in, I really need to make tough choices about our future and how I can accomplish my goals as a parent. One of the choices I have made is I want to offer him many different and unique experiences. I think by giving him these experiences I will allow him to better understand the world, have a greater sense of happiness and to build his own plans for the future. Please do not think that I am totally absorded in my son's life to the detriment of my own life. I absolutely cannot lose sight of my own life, my own needs, etc. In particular I want to have a companion with me as I achieve these goals. Yes - I will have Zack with me, but I do want to have a FEMALE companion by my side. Along that lines I have been dating. Ultimately what is the biggest adventure for men - women of course! With all that said.... Here's a list of some of our plans for adventure in the coming years. 1. Drive from Denver to Anchorage Alaska on the Trans-Alaskan highway. 2. Visit Iceland and explore it's volcanos, hot springs and geysers. 3. Visit Mongolia and go on a horse riding expedition. 4. Go to either the 2010 World Cup in Brazil or the 2010 Winter Olympics in Calgary. 5. Hike the entire length of the Colorado trail from Waterton Canyon to Durango. (Also - hike the Appalchian trail and the Continential Divide Trail.) 6. Volunteer for a charitable organization and spending either Thanksgiving or Christmas helping out. 7. Learn a foreign language and become fluent in it. 8. Take a train ride across Europe from Paris to Moscow. 9. Travel across the United States from LA to NYC (or vice versa) on a Greyhound bus. 10. Take a "tramp steamer" (i.e. cargo ship) around the islands of Oceania. 11. Visit every National Park in the United States. 12. Hike, hike, camp, camp, travel, travel - see the world as much as we can an experience as much as we can. This list will grow and change over time. But it is a starting point as we conclude a challenging year. Thanks and peace to all!

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