Friday, May 25, 2012

New Things

Life is often described as a circle.  The circle of life many people are apt to say.  In that circle that is our life there are many different cycles that we seem to spiral through as we progress from youth to old age.  For now the cycle of my life is one of goodness and happiness.  The dregs of the past are behind me and what is once old is new again.

There are so many ways in which this is playing out.  I could go on and on regarding each and every one of them.  The details aren't that important, it's just that there is a sense of contentment and satisfaction in life that I haven't experienced for many years.  The same can be said for Zack.  There is a sense of happiness in him and a lack of anxiety that I haven't seen in many years.

Even though the physical pain of my messed up back hasn't completely faded, I feel confident that at last I will earn my freedom from this imposed inactivity.  To get back to the days of wandering field and mountain, stream and canyon will make my heart sing and my soul smile.  Just the thought of climbing a mountain and feeling that familiar sensation of breathlessness as the treeline slips below me will be cause for joy.

In two weeks I get to start physical therapy on my back.  After 4 weeks of physical therapy the restrictions upon my activities will be lifted.  I have been good so far and I haven't done anything outside of what the surgeon has told me that I can do.  I will continue to be good about this and I will only escalate my activities at an appropriate pace, but I am going back to everything I used to do.  I can't live as a shadow of myself and I won't be happy until I am back being a hard core hiker, biker and even a runner.  It's going to take time but what is now old will become new again!

There is something totally new in my life these days.  The something new is actually a person.   It has been a fairly long time since I have been involved in a dating relationship.  A number of weeks ago after I had gotten my tattoo I decided it was time to put myself back into the dating world.  For whatever reason I decided to do that right at the time I did.  In doing so, I just happened to cross-paths with a very attractive, very unique woman - Lisa.  I don't think when either of us decided to meet we had any real anticipation that our "date" would turn into anything more than your typical first date.  (i.e. meet up, talk for a bit and then probably never see each other again.)   But our expectations were shattered and we hit it off in a great way.  Since that first date we have started to spend a good amount of time together and have found that we have very much in common and we have a true bond between us.  I can't say enough to express how happy I am that I have met Lisa as she is a person of true grace, compassion  and caring.  On top of all that she is damn attractive!  She is petite, in shape, has long blonde hair and killer blue eyes.  There is no pressure between us, there is no stress.  We are both confident in our own lives and we enjoy being active together but yet are very comfortable to share silence and down time between us.  She and I will see where things go but we seem to work well together and we are having fun being together. I am looking forward to having a really fun summer and beyond being with Lisa.

For the first time in a very long time Zack and I are going to journey to the mountains this weekend.  I don't even remember when I was last at our mountain house.  But today after Zack comes home from school we are going to pack up, get the dogs in the car and head to Silverthorne.  We are only going to stay through end of the day Saturday as I want to be good and not do too much.  And since I have to put the dogs on the leash to walk them in the mountains I don't want to give Lex the chance to rip my arm off and hence hurt my back.  So we will head up Friday evening, spent Saturday around the condo getting a bunch of work done and then head back down Saturday afternoon.  The rest of the weekend will be spent in other activities down here in the "flatlands".  Saturday evening I am going to dinner with Lisa.  Sunday I will finally get my second tattoo.  It was supposed to happen last Saturday, but my tattoo artist was on vacation and wasn't in the shop - so it is happening this Sunday.  As of now we have no plans for Monday - so I think we will have to find something to do!

We do plan to have some fun while we are in the mountains.  Since I haven't been hiking or biking in so long, it has been a long time since I have used my GoPro camera.  We're going to put it to some use this weekend.  I bought a car mount for it and we are going to mount it to the Explorer for a trip up and over Boreas Pass.  The road over Boreas Pass is pretty much a 4-wheeler road, so I am thinking we might get some interesting video out of it.  I am then going to edit the video so it plays at 2x or 3x and add some music to it.  It should be fun to do.  If it turns out well, I will post it here!

The house construction has pretty much stalled out this week as efforts to get the permits and have the inspections take place have been crawling.  Word finally came Thursday afternoon from my general contractor that the City of Centennial has issued the permits and inspections will take place on Friday.  As soon as that happens things will start moving in very quick order.  I am not sure if all the work will be done before Zack and I head to Iceland or not, but I am very much hoping that it will be done.

Things are starting to wrap up for Zack's seventh grade year in school.  This week he had 2 different choir concerts.  He has come so far in the fact that he now takes part in these concerts and he doesn't fidget much and just performs well.  I captured a bunch of video from his concert last night and I figured I would share it here. The sun played havoc with the kids as it was shining in there eyes for a good part of the concert.  Additionally, I shot this video on my point and shoot camera so the quality isn't the greatest.  But you still can see Zack and hear the singing.

That's about all for today.  I wrote most of this on Thursday evening and I wanted to make sure I posted it before I headed to the mountain because I am not taking my laptop with me for a change. That is pretty unusual for me to do that, but sometimes it is just good to get away from it.  I'll still have my smart phone, so I won't be totally without Internet access.

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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