Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boring Weekend

Boredom.  Boredom and more boredom.  Today is the 11th day in which I have been confined to not using my left leg.  At times it seems almost inconsequential, but losing the use of your left leg really sucks.  Because once you lose the use of one leg, you really can't do much with the other leg.  Yeah - you can use crutches, but crutches seem even worse than just sitting around.

As each day of "sitting" continues the level of boredom in my head grows all the larger.  You never realize how dependent you are upon movement to keep your brain happy and content - well - happy and content and not involving lots of drugs or alcohol anyway.

These last 2 days have been especially boring as it has just been me, Nancy and the pups.  I gave Zack permission to go to Arizona with Shelly.  I don't like Zack going without me, but given me being laid up I really couldn't go.  And despite whatever goes on between Shelly and me, she does love him and will always take care of him.  He will get to spend almost all day tomorrow (Saturday) at an event for the Arizona Basset Hound rescue.  Zack will be surrounded by dogs all day so you can darn well be certain he will be happy as a clam.

It is better that he went to Arizona as I am sure I won't have gotten up to anything exciting with him and he would be bored crapless and just wanting to play video games all day - which would have driven me bananas.

While I sit here at home I continue to think of all the things that I am going to get about doing once I am able to walk again.  My surgery coincided very well with a lot of the work that I have been doing here in the house.  Over the last 2 months things have started to reach completion in regard to many of the cleaning and de-cluttering activities that I have had going on.  With those activities completed, I am starting to get some great ideas for what I would like to use some of the space.  Granted most of these ideas involve restarting hobbies or activities that were abandoned when Patty became sick.  But some of the uses will be totally new territory.

The primary use of the majority of the basement is going to be for a home TV theater.  I am now just saving up the money to buy one of those huge, huge massive 70 inch wide screen LCD TVs.  It will make for a great movie theater experience.

The former craft room is going to be turned into a hobby room for Zack and I to create gigantic "guy" playthings.  (OK - that might sounds a bit weird).  What I mean by that is we are going to get into building model airplanes, rockets and railroads.  The will be models but boy will they be fast.  I can't wait til spring of 2012 comes and we can take our first finished RC (Remote Controlled) model airplane out to the Cherry Creek model airplane field and take it for a flight.  We are going to put the most powerful engine in whatever we build, so it can fly faster, climber higher and stay in the air longer.

One of my new little hobbies that I am getting into already while I am laid up is that I have decided to launch my own website about Colorado.  As most of you who read this blog know, when I am not laid up with a stress fractured leg, I am a rabid hiker.  But there are so many sites out there already about hiking to the tops of mountains, doing loop hikes, hikes in specific areas of the state, etc.  My goal was to find a new angle to write about hiking in Colorado and I think I have found it.  Instead of the normal hike descriptions, I am going to write about the high Mountain Passes of Colorado and the hikes that can be found around those passes.  Yesterday I purchased the domain name for  I have started to write the content of the site already but I need to learn a little bit about coding in HTML.  I know some of the basics but beyond that I don't know much.  From what I have read Dreamweaver by Abode is one of the better software packages to use for website development.  I downloaded a free trial of that software earlier this week and I am starting to learn how to use it.  With any luck I will unveil the first iteration of my Colorado Mountain Passes website by the end of the calendar year.  That is my goal anyway.

Below are a couple of pictures I took this summer while Zack and I were crossing a few mountain passes.  All of these we reached by car since I wasn't able to hike all summer long!  I am complaining about being laid up with my leg while it heals, but I am so, so excited to start getting out for hikes in December!  I am hoping that Zack and I will be able to climb to the summit of some passes on our snow shoes this winter.  How exciting will that be?!

I started writing this on Friday evening but then got caught up watching TV.  Yeah - I am bored as I said.  So I am just getting it posted on Saturday morning.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.

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