Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Themes

Sitting back and reflecting is a key element to writing - especially when writing a blog.  Maybe that is not one hundred percent true as you can always write and blog in real time I suppose.  You can write about what is happening at that very minute.  Kind of like many of the news site do today - they have a continuously updated blog that contains what is happening in their area of interest.  For example - CNN.COM has their politics blog in which the CNN reporters who are following candidates keep up a constant flow of information and report what the candidates are saying in real time.

Most of my writing takes place after I sit back and reflect upon something.  Today I have been reflecting upon my writing.  Perhaps my interest in writing is waning.  Perhaps I haven't done enough reflection on things that are import to me.  Perhaps I am not a very good writer.  Whatever it is I feel that my writing style and quality of my writing have diminished over time.  Thinking through how to address this quality problem I had determined I need to go back to the roots of my writing.

When this blog was started the focus was on the adventures that my son and I got up to.  Since then it has morphed into a day-to-day recitation of what I do. The end result - the blog has become boring reading and the quality has suffered.  So I am going back to how it started and will refocus this blog on several themes.  The first theme will be documenting all the adventures our small little family gets up to.  (Hopefully we will begin to have a lot more adventures again when my leg finally heals!  The stress fracture I suffered to my left fibula during the Canyonlands Half Marathon in March is still not healed.  A second opinion is needed to determine if a cast or surgery is required to get this thing to finally heal.)

A second theme I will heavily concentrate upon is this beautiful state in which we live - Colorado.  There are so many wonderful experiences to be had in Colorado.  Some of the best blog posts I have written have described the nature wonders of this state.  This theme will also allow me to write about my favorite hikes, mountains, state parks and so many other interesting subjects.

The third theme the blog will concentrate upon are stories about the world and history.  I am somewhat of a geography fanatic and describing a country or an area of the world in which I am interested is a lot of fun to me.

Given we are approaching 2012 and it is a presidential election year there will be quite a few stories about politics, the recession and the wars we are fighting.  If you have read this blog for a while you know that my political views tend to run towards the liberal side of things.  As a result there might be some things said that are disagreeable to some, but no personal offense is ever intended.  I believe in political discourse without rancor, anger or the politics of personal destruction.

One last note before I sign off for the day.  Several weeks ago I mentioned that we were going to buy a new house in our current community of Willow Creek.  Unfortunately that deal fell apart.  The deal fell apart because the house had been significantly renovated - it was utterly gorgeous - however the work was done by the owner and there were issues in the fact that permits had never been pulled for the work that was done.  Given the majority of the work was sealed behind walls I felt that if I went ahead with the purchase I was opening myself up to a lot of potential liability if things were not done right.  So I pulled out of the deal after the results from the inspection came back.  Oh well - there will always be another house or we will get this house updated!

Thanks and peace to all! ~J.


tcsTenor said...

Some of your BEST blog posts have been about your day to day life - not Colorado, hiking, history, or politics! I will have to unsubscribe if it turns into those boring kinds of posts. I can read lots of those types of sites elsewhere. Your writing is just fine! We are often our own worst critics. I enjoy your blog just the way it is now - REAL!! May God Bless your family!

Janne said...

I think your writing is fine and I enjoyed reading about you and your son.

Rilly said...

I too like your blog the way it is and would look forward to many photos of your beautiful state, but the politics and history would lose me. The idea of a blog is to write about what interests us, so by all means go ahead and write what you like, I'm sure you'll have many readers, but remember to keep us up to date on your day to day stuff too. Sorry to hear about your house but it sounds like you made the right choice.

Silverfaerie said...

Came across your blog today and really enjoyed reading about your perspective on things. My heart goes out to you and your son for the loss that you are still learning to deal with. The post about 9/11 and how Patty just made things right for you and grounded you was so beautiful. Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

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