Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Last Run

Please consider supporting my effort to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through participation in their Team-in-Training program.  I am training to run in the Canyonlands Half Marathon on March 19, 2011.  You can support my effort by pledging contributions to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on my Team-in-Training web page at: 
Race day is only 4 days away!  I would like to gather $5000 in donations by that date.  Please consider helping!!

All contributions are tax deductible.  THANK YOU!!!!!!
I think one of the reasons I haven't written more in my blog recently is the fact that I have been so occupied preparing myself - both physically and mentally, for the Canyonlands Half Marathon.  And now the event is almost upon me!  Forty-eight hours from now I will be in the process of driving to Moab, Utah to compete in this race.  I have worked for the last 4 months to prepare myself for this race and now it is almost here.

I am not exactly sure what I am going to do with myself once the race is complete.  Saturday mornings are going to be particularly weird as I won't have to get up early and head out to some trail around the metro area to take part in a lengthy run.  It's just going to be different.

With all the training and fund-raising I have done I feel very proud of my efforts.  I am very hopefully that on Saturday I will be able to complete the race without stopping and run the entire distance in under 2 hours and 20 minutes.  I will not be disappointed if I don't complete the race in that time frame as long as I complete it and manage to run the entire distance I will be very happy with myself.

This past Saturday was my last run with the team I have trained with from day one.  It was a bittersweet run as it felt really good to know that I was finally done training but it was very sad as everyone was going their separate ways.  There is only one other member of my training team who is running Canyonland's with me.  My other teammates are off to run the LA Marathon or the Paris Marathon.  But I have enjoyed this enough to consider signing up for the fall season of team-in-training.  That season begins their training runs on May 7th.  You never know what kinds of crazy things I might find for myself to get up to.  If I do consider that...  I am going to train to run the full marathon this time!

Zack is doing well - though he is in some deep doo-doo with me over his grades for the 2nd trimester of school.  Grrrrrrrr....  is all I can say.  He did some silly things that I hope he has learned lessons from and hopefully the trimester that started on Monday will bring much better grades for him.  Today was a milestone day for Zack as he got his first pair of contact lens today.  I had to help him get them in his eyes, but I am hoping he pick up on how to do that pretty quickly.

Finnegan continues to grow up.  He has lost just about all of his puppy teeth!  He looks kind of toothless right now but many of his adult dog teeth are starting to poke through his gums.  I have wanted to try and get one of his puppy teeth before they were all lost outside (he tends to go outside and chew on sticks which is a sure fire way for his puppy teeth to fall out).  Today I noticed one tooth that was just hanging on by a thread so I managed to pull it out.  He wasn't particularly thrilled with me for doing that, but he didn't really mind that much.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  For anyone who has family or friends that have been effected by all the horror in Japan - my thoughts are with you.

Thanks and peace to all!


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NanaRose said...

Good luck with your run. Not everyone has the ability to stick to it.